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Infinity Pool – 12.23.23

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware. This might just ruin you. Cronnenberg (Brandon, not David – creator of Possessor, & Antiviral) just debuted this film at Sundance, but it’s also now out in theaters as well. Please know this – this movie will rearrange the grey matter in your heads. And Possessor and Antiviral are any indication of where this one is going… yeah. Buckle up. I’ve got tickets myself to see this soon, because yeah, anything that features Alexander Skarsgård I’m going to be interested in.

The Last of Us – Now Netflix

Have I mentioned this one already? Probably. But Episode three? Definitely bar setting television happening right here for 2023. I’ll be impressed if anyone is able to pull together a better hour of TV than we are experiencing on The Last of Us.

REMEMBER THIS – Theaters Now

Remember This is a filmed one-man stage play – that tells the tale of the Polish Resistance fighters of World War II. After surviving the devastation of the Blitzkrieg, Jan Karski swears allegiance to the Polish Underground and risks his life to carry the first eyewitness reports of war-torn Poland to the Western world. Escaping a Gestapo prison, bearing witness to the despair of the Warsaw ghetto and confronted by the inhumanity of a death camp, Karski endures unspeakable mental anguish and physical torture to speak the truth.

Kompromat – Now

Based on incredible true events, Jérome Salle’s gripping new espionage thriller depicts the remarkable story of a French public servant who unwittingly finds himself in conflict with one of the modern era’s most powerful and dangerous forces: Russia’s FSB.


In a post-apocalyptic near-future, a researcher at an AI lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother.

Landscape With Invisible Hand – 1.27.23

Uh. I think I’m cheating with this one… but seeing as though it’s coming from the same writer and director as Thoroughbreds (Cory Finley) – I needed to give you all a heads up this one was coming… eventually. The movie had its Sundance premier on the 23rd. Can’t even find a film trailer for this one yet, which, basically means it hasn’t sold the distribution rights yet I’m guessing. Yeah, I really did jump the gun with this one. Ah, well. Better luck next time.

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