Top 100 Movies James Cameron’s Avatar

Top 100 Movies James Cameron’s Avatar
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Top 100 Movies James Cameron’s Avatar. Avatar is a 2009 American epic science-fiction movie, directed and written by James Cameron. The film was released by 20th Century Fox and became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. And I have to say, that when it initially launched – I was all kinds of fanboying on the glorious cinematography and CGI necessary to pull a movie like this off. But in the years since, I’ve come to see it as an elaborate PIXAR stunt. Still, Cameron knows the bones of a universally loved story. You gotta give the man that. And yet, I still haven’t seen Avatar 2 yet.

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Avatar takes place in the mid-22nd century on a moon called Pandora, which is inhabited by a humanoid species called the Na’vi. The story follows a disabled ex-Marine named Jake Sully, who is recruited to replace his recently deceased twin brother on a mission to infiltrate the Na’vi and gain their trust so that humans can mine a valuable mineral called unobtainium. (When I originally learned that the material they were searching for was called unobtainium I ridiculed the movie relentlessly. But apparently, scientists and engineers have referred to unobtainium since the ’50’s.)

The movie begins with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic Marine, arriving on Pandora. He is taken to a research station where he meets Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), a scientist who is leading the Avatar program. The program uses genetically engineered human-Na’vi hybrid bodies, known as avatars, to allow humans to interact with the Na’vi and study their culture.

Jake’s twin brother was a member of the Avatar program, and since they share the same DNA, Jake is able to use his brother’s avatar. Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), a tough military commander, tells Jake that his mission is to infiltrate the Na’vi and report back on their weaknesses, so the humans can mine unobtainium, a valuable mineral that is abundant on Pandora.

Jake meets Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), a Na’vi warrior princess who is tasked with teaching him the ways of the Na’vi. Initially, Neytiri is hostile towards Jake, but over time they begin to develop a relationship, and Jake starts to question the humans’ intentions on Pandora.

As Jake spends more time with the Na’vi, he starts to feel more at home and becomes conflicted about his loyalty to the humans. He decides to help the Na’vi defend their land from the human invaders, leading to a final battle between the Na’vi and the humans.

The battle is intense, and many Na’vi are killed, including Neytiri’s father, the leader of the Omaticaya clan. Eventually, Jake and the Na’vi are able to drive the humans off of Pandora, but not before Colonel Quaritch destroys the Tree of Souls, which is sacred to the Na’vi and the source of their spiritual power.

After the battle, Jake is able to transfer his consciousness permanently into his avatar body, which allows him to become a permanent member of the Na’vi. He marries Neytiri, and they live happily ever after as part of the Na’vi community.

So, basically, Avatar is a movie about the conflict between humans and the Na’vi on the moon Pandora. Jake Sully, a paraplegic Marine, is recruited to infiltrate the Na’vi and gain their trust, but he ultimately decides to help the Na’vi defend their land from the human invaders. The film explores themes of environmentalism, colonialism, and the importance of preserving indigenous cultures.

Thoughts on the Film Avatar

For all my disdain for the Avatar franchise, I have to say, it is a film that cannot be ignored.

Environmental themes: The movie’s storyline centers around the importance of preserving the environment and the consequences of not doing so. The themes of environmentalism and conservation resonate with many people, particularly given the current global climate crisis.

Indigenous cultures: The movie’s portrayal of the Na’vi people and their way of life draws inspiration from indigenous cultures around the world. The film’s emphasis on respecting and preserving these cultures is particularly relevant given the ongoing struggles that many indigenous communities face in the modern world. The decision to set this film among an indigenous cultural war was a fascinating script idea. A high-stakes gamble that paid off.

Technology and society: The movie also explores the relationship between technology and society, highlighting the potential dangers of unchecked technological progress and the need to balance technological advancement with ethical considerations.

Cinematic innovation: “Avatar” was a groundbreaking film in terms of its use of motion capture and 3D technology. It’s the face that launched a thousand ships, as it were. The movie’s impact on the film industry and its influence on the way movies are made and experienced cannot be understated.

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