Sharper is the Movie You Are Looking For Right Now

Sharper is the Movie You Are Looking For Right Now
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Sharper is the Movie You Are Looking For Right Now. Just finished it and man. What adjectives, verbs and nouns can I pronounce for you right now that will tell you how the movie was, but not give anything away? Hrmm. Verb one: Watch. Noun one: Sharper. Preposition one: Now. Here’s a trailer that I desperately hope you do not watch. Just flipping take my word for a movie for once. GAH.

This movie has so many fantastic things going for it. First and foremost (even above the a-list headliners) is Briana Middleton. Who, I’ll admit, have never seen her in anything before, but she was fantastic. Just spot on. And then, of course, you’ve also got Julianne Moore, John Lithgow, Sebastian Stan, and Justice Smith. All did a really great job, each one pulling all the right strings in order to hit just the right notes and just the right time. It’s a complicated script, a complicated interleaving, in and out, in and around that was necessary to get pulled off perfectly to land this jet on the deck without blowing everything up.


And I really can’t say ANYTHING about it, because I want you all to watch it… and I don’t want to spoil anything at all about it. I’m refusing to spoil it. So, yeah, I’m not going to do a full write up on this one. Just not doing it, out of respect for the clever lock box this thing created. It was perfect.

Reminds me of a movie… what was it. Oh, yeah, Side Effects. That movie seems like it’s about a foursome or drugs and viruses, and medical companies or something. But it isn’t any of those things! hahaha. And you can’t even HINT at what it is actually about or else you’ll tip your hand to the listener. It’s impossible. And so, yeah, I will say this about Sharper – it is about a conman working in New York. But, saying that is like saying, that the super bowl is about football. I mean, sure?

So, just go watch it… and I’d like you to make a deal with me. If you watch this movie, as a result of this post… you are SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLY bound to comment below and tell others what you thought of it as well. If you hated it? Fine. If you loved it, fine. But you have to comment. Okay? Great.

Gotta say, I’m dying to talk to you all about that ending… there some details there that blew my mind. Some quotes from the movie that were fantastic. But I’m going to refrain. Not going to do it. NOT DOING IT. STOP. Just watch the movie.

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