Brazil Logbook Guest Post Explanation Write-Up

Brazil Logbook Guest Post Explanation Write Up. Just the other day, Matt Johnson from The Logbook, took the wheel of THiNC. and did us the honor of a great write-up for one of my personal favorites, Columbus. You can find his guest post here on THiNC., make sure you give it a read, a comment, and then swing over to The Logbook to tell him I sent you. He’s a little newer to the movie write-up space, but he’s already hitting it out of the park with some fantastic movie walk-throughs and discussions that are coming out weekly. I mean, he beat me to the punch on Asteroid City. So, there’s that. But he’s also done poignant reviews of This Mountain Life, Force Majeure, Air, The Artifice Girl, Causeway, etc., etc.

Anyway – ALL THAT TO SAY – after Matt did his write up here for Columbus, he was kind enough to suggest a film for me to review over on The Logbook. And daggum, it was a doozie suggestion. If any of you Sci-fi aficionados have not had the chance to watch Gilliam’s Brazil? Woah. Being an enormous Monty Python fan myself, I’d seen it once before… but like, aeons ago. And when I watched it again the other day? It literally blew my mind. There was so much there to unpack, discuss, and grapple with.

The movie was so dense, I dropped some Kafka, Camus, Orwell, I think I might have even made a reference or two the Ministry of Silly Walks? No. But I did give a shout out to Time Bandits, my childhood personal favorite Gilliam film… and 12 Monkeys, which is arguably the best time travel film of all time. Sorry Mr. Carruth. So, please head over to The Logbook, and read my Brazil breakdown (literally and figuratively), and comment… Let’s get Matt’s community a jump-start shall we? Much less talented writers have gotten more love, so, let’s see if we can cheer him on.

Oh, right… and if you want the link to that Brazil write up… here you go. Thought I was forgetting something important.

I’ll be going to see Oppenheimer Monday night (was too busy hiking with these meese to make it out to see it this weekend.), and again in IMAX with my Guy Movie Night group on Tuesday, then Barbie later in the week. It’s going to be one of the biggest movie weeks of the year. Can’t wait. So, head over to read my Brazil post on The Logbook, then come on back for my take on the Barbenheimer week!

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