THiNC. Movie Spotlight 151

Pretty excited about this week’s list of movies. Why? Mainly because of I.S.S. – I loved Gravity (probably in the minority here, but there is something about a closed box film, and a space station is the most closed box of all closed boxes.) and think I.S.S. is next level clever. But also, I’ve shifted to the films releasing AFTER the publication date, not before. Did I say that correctly? The films normally haven’t come out yet, but now, I’m waiting until they release in order to make the list more instantly relevant. Yes? No? Okay whatever… yes, I realize it’s stupid. Just read the list and go on about your day please. Thanks for that.

2024.01.19 I.S.S. – (THEATER)

I mean, technically, the earth has devoured itself, so who cares what happens on the space station. If it were me? I’d be like… look at what this sort of thinking got the planet. We now need to be above all of that (literally and figuratively…) But I doubt that would be a very exciting movie to watch. Still, this looks like a pretty exciting flick. Can’t wait.

2024.01.19 SUNRISE – (THEATER)

OK, this one is out in theaters and streaming sites right now. Looks like a dark creature feature? Horror? Thriller? Dunno. Love to hear what people think of it if you get a chance to watch it. Could be a coin flip as to whether it’s any good or not.


Futuristic – Science Fiction – dystopian sort of thing? “Izi and Benji live in a dystopian future London where all social housing has been eliminated. They fight to navigate the world as residents of the Kitchen, a community that refuses to abandon their home.” So far its Rotten Tomato ratings are doing a solid 85% critic rating. Which makes it really interesting to me. Available on Netflix.


Rom-com’em if you got’em.

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CHEVALIER – The Black Mozart movie – was pretty great.
EILEEN – Everything might not be quite what it seems with Eileen
BLUE EYE SAMURAI – literally cannot stop talking about this series…
PAST LIVES – gah! So brilliant. Basically Before Sunrise??
REBEL MOON – Everyone is dragging this one, but I loved it.
SALTBURN!!!! – Brilliant. Brilliant. Enjoyed every minute.
MURDER AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Brit Marling. Brit Marling. Brit Marling.

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