THiNC. Movie Spotlight 156

This is a great week for the (DUNE) movie universe and am so (DUNE) excited to bring to you these movies and just share (DUNE) my cinematic heart with all of you (DUNE) today. Seriously though – stoked about Dune. Loved it. Going a second time this weekend, already have my second set of IMAX tickets and cannot wait. There are some other movies here as well that you’ll find interesting… or not, don’t care. But watch Dune. You are welcome.

02.29.2024 – DUNE: PART TWO –
Did I mention that DUNE Part 2 WAS AMAZING? Dune Part 2 was amazing. Please, find the biggest IMAX you can find, drive if you have to… long distances… and see it there. Trust me on this one. I took 2/3 of my kids to see it (ALEXA I MISS YOU!!) this past Thursday, and my son and I are going to see it again on Saturday – again at the IMAX. There were multiple moments where my eyes literally leaked (I don’t cry, I leak) solely because of the Hans Zimmer score and the magnitude of the experience. So, yeah. Also, my write up about it is out now. So check that out.

This looks pretty epic. Stars Noomi Rapace. I should be able to stop right there and you’ll watch it. She’s amazing. Should be a fun watch.


Turkish film. Definitely looks ultra from an Indie standpoint. “The latest intimate epic from the master filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan asks whether the world can change, and we can change with it.” Should be interesting if you can find a way to watch it. Please give me a yell if you get the opportunity.

2024.02.28 THE BEAST – (THEATER)

Of all the films we are talking about this week that will probably be MOST THiNC.y? The Beast is definitely the film to check out. Looks like it’s going to force interesting conversations about morality, philosophy, ethics, all the old College classes you took and hoped to forget. But I think it might be a tricky film to get a hold of. Please let me know if you find an online way to procure said viewing.

(And also Spaceman and The Invisible Fight are coming out this week – but I am not interested in either. At all. Let me know if I missed it on either. Happy to take appropriate corrective actions.)

Previously on Spotlight Worth Watching Right Now:
DUNE: PART 2 – Maybe the movie of the year. Unbelievable. IMAX it please.
MONOLITH – fantastic Aussie single actor closed box movie. Really fun.
ZONE OF INTEREST – Single best World War II movie? I’m still reeling.
EILEEN – Everything might not be quite what it seems with Eileen.
BLUE EYE SAMURAI – literally cannot stop talking about this series…

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