2024 Oscars Competition…

Hey there everyone – we are doing a 2024 Oscars Competition.

Want to join in on the fun? You only have 2 days to submit your guesses… and let’s be honest… we are all guessing what the whims of the Academy will be this year.

Join the Competition Right Here

I think there is something like 23 categories – from best actor, actress, director, original song, etc. It’s a pretty thorough list of the categories available on the night. So, you are going to have your shizzle together in order to answer all 23. But heck, guess! Probably will be a more educated play than having even watched all the films.

Personally, I was late to the Zone of Interest world… and think that movie can walk on water. Zone of Interest was fantastic too… but if I were a betting man? I’d push all my chips in on Oppenheimer this year. Nolan has been snubbed and I really think that this movie is close enough to the Academy world that they’ll throw him a bone. But what do I know?

Thanks for participating in the next 48 hours!!


We have a winner – Congratulations Nancy for winning this year’s Oscars competition. And please revel in this prize of everyone hearing your name, and chanting out…


She came in 1st with 15 correct answers. Shelbzilla and Kenny tied for second with 14. (I was “third” – really fourth! I had way too much faith in Zone of Interest! hahah.) Ah well!

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