THiNC. Movie Spotlight 157

Since you guys do read the movies that are out, but not this section, I just want to make a comment out to that one person out there that accidentally reads this…

You are pretty great. And you know what? It’s going to be alright. Might seem like it won’t be… the way things are currently going all kinds of askance —-> that way, and not plumb by any fair measure at all. Even so, I just want you to know how fantastic you are, and that I, of all people, am glad you are here. Well, not here, on this blog… though I am happy for that. I mean HERE. I’m glad you are here. Okay? Great. Now just keep going with your awesome self.


Guy Ritchie. That’s it. That’s my recommendation. Guy Ritchie. We’ve already discussed the movie this show is based on and we absolutely loved it. So, yeah, definitely we’d like an entire series based on this film, please and thank you.

2024.03.03 THE REGIME – (HBO)

I am a huge fan of shows like Borgen or the Diplomat. And the Regime sits right in this sort of space… it would seem. And maybe some future or maybe Handmaid’s Tale??? Not exactly 100% where this is going. But I’m intrigued all the same! Cannot wait to watch this one. (Just watched ep1? And, oh, man, is this horrible in absolutely every way.)


This film has gotten a ton of press of late. Lots of teeth gnashing, and hand-wringing. Who knows where this is going… I just bring you information. Do what you will with it.

2.17.2023 – Out of Darkness – (Now Streaming)

I have had this movie in my possession, ready to watch… ready to hit play for the better part of a month. Dying to find the time to watch it. Hearing good things about it. Bah.


“A metal, kung fu, comedy”?? Hahahah. Okay, you had me at hello. This looks like a Nicolas Cage crazy movie – you know? Sort of like Mandy or Color Out of Space maybe? But funny? I don’t know. This might be a terrible life choice… I have no idea.

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