Four Theories to Explain the Movie The Jacket

Four Theories to Explain the Movie The Jacket - because this isn't your average, run of the mill mindjob. There is a lot going on here in this movie. Let's dissect it and pull it apart.

Brick Movie Deconstruction

Brick Movie Deconstruction - Brick is a complicated film noir movie with gumshoe roots that is incredibly difficult to unpack on your own.

Maybe This Is A Snow On Tha Bluff Recommendation?

Movies that we like to talk about here on THiNC skew generally in the Sci-Fi Mindjob direction. Movies like Crazy cult end of the world nut-jobness like The Invitation. Abduction craziness like 10x10. Or maybe...

The Movie First Reformed Unpacked and Explained

It's really really rare that I watch an Ethan Hawke movie that I do not like. Really rare. And usually? They blow my mind. The Before Sunrise series are rapidly overtaking all other trilogies as my favorite - ...