John Oliver Civil Forfeiture and a Trucky Trailer

Since I first mentioned John Oliver’s new show a few weeks ago he has made magic happen over and over and over again.  He has castigated the Miss America’s pageant’s claim that they are the world’s largest provider of women’s college scholarships.  Napalmed the US’s policy on drones.  Investigated student debt.  Begged Scotland not to leave the United Kingdom.  Beseeched Peru to get on the ball wrt ISIS.  But none of it was as funny or revealing as this reporting on the concept of Civil Forfeiture that was originally in a story called “Stop and Seize” reported by the Washington Post.

With this clip, you can see why I think John Oliver is the new 60 minutes. No, wait, John Oliver is the new David Letterman. No wait, John Oliver is the David Minutes. Eh? 60 Letterman? Oh, you get the idea. But I just adore how he is shoving complicated ideas down America’s brain dead, TV saturated, gullets. Anyone that is capable of explaining how Net Neutrality works so that your average American citizen will listen for over 15 minutes is a hero and saint, (heraint? Saiero? Whatever) in my book.

If you are interested in keeping up with Saint Oliver, you can find him out here on his YouTube landing page – which is nice, because I personally don’t know hardly anyone that pays to get HBO.  (But seems like a bad marketing plan from the face of it.  Who am I to tell HBO not to give us the best bits of Oliver’s show for free?)  Sure sure, Game of Thrones.  But I assumed that came out on channel BitTorrent.  No?  Oh, my bad.  Anyway… I don’t ever blog twice about the same thing.  That I can think of anyway.  Or maybe everything I blog about is always the same thing.  But that’s a different problem entirely.  I’m sorry, where was I?

Regardless.  Oliver.  John.  Saint.  Hero.  Watch him.

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