John Oliver My New Favorite Thing Ever


This is will be difficult to drive home correctly.  With the right intensity and perspective.  How to amp this at the right level.  I need a volume 11 for this post.  WHICH I GUESS I COULD DO IN ALL CAPS.  But I don’t know if even that will drive the correct insight to what I am wanting to say here.  So, with that in mind.  I’m going to say it slowly.  And precisely.

John Oliver.

Is my new.  Favorite thing.


But maybe that didn’t do it for you.  I hear you saying that, yeah, yeah, you have new favorites every other day. One day its a Star Wars Despecialization video edited by fans.  Another day its this artist or that book or maybe even reading at the speed of light?!.  And now you are hot on some guy by the name of John Oliver?  So what?!

So, back up.  Who the heck is this Oliver character?   Recently he took over for Mr. Stewart on the Daily Show while he was indisposed filming his directorial debut. And let’s be completely honest here, Oliver did an amazing job in the interim.  So much so that he was the obvious pick for replacing Stewart eventually. But no… we didn’t have to wait for Mr. Oliver… soon after John signed a deal to create the show Last Week Tonight on HBO.

Let me be clear. I disdain late night television. I dislike most television in general. But I DISDAIN late night TV. Inanity and irrelevance is what it is encumbered with. Inanity I tell you. But then came John Oliver.

Recently, Oliver has done lengthy segments on Net Neutrality (13 minutes), dietary suppliments (16 minutes), FIFA’s Governing Body (13 minutes). It is the antithesis to the USA Today’s Two Paragraphs and out method of sharing the news. His pieces are so long, that they out due even 60 minutes for duration. Since when does a comedy show outdo 60 minutes on an investigatory piece? Since Oliver came to town is when.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, I have decided to regale you with a couple fantastic clips from the new man, the myth, the legend… John Oliver:

So yes.  John Oliver My New Favorite Thing Ever