Tie Fighter Lego Wantage

Tie Fighter Lego Wantage

I’m not a huge fan of Legos.  They are, afterall, broken by design.  I mean, what is that about exactly?  You buy a toy, and it comes busted?  Why?  I prefer my (very very expensive) toys assembled as opposed to DIY home projects.  My kids dig them, that is for sure, because there are Legos every-freaking-where.  Lego Friends for the girls and StarWars (all in various states of unassembledness are strewn about the house.  So have my own fair share of Lego assistance on my resume.

But now the people at Lego have an epic new DIY project that I want even if it is exorbitantly expensive.  ($200 I believe?)  But look at it.  This is Star Wars magic in the making I’m thinking.

lego-tie-fighterBut, there is one other Lego piece of love that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on… that I’d buy in a heartbeat if it came preassembled!  The Super StarDestroyer Executor.  Ok, so it was a custom build by one of the potentially geekiest geeks of all time.

executor executor2

The Executor above took more than 71,000 pieces.  To put that in perspective, the Tie-Fighter above has 1,700 pieces! hahaha.