Oh This This is Nothing Just a Castle For Sale

Oh This This is Nothing Just a Castle For Sale

Money is no match for a bucket list item I say to my wife.  5.6 million?  Nothing.  IT HAS A MOAT! I say.  Think of all the dragons we could have over for company I say!  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.  Wah?  Are you blooming kidding me?  You are going to go all stingy on me with our retirement?  I see.  At this point she’s long since walked away.  But who cares.  For a chance at owning a castle?  You just keep arguing.  Its your only option really.

So, if you are about to try and beat me to the punch, here are a few key details about the dive.  The castle resides near Paris.  (Total drag that.) The run down shack sits on 44 acres of land.  (Hardly enough for even a dog, let alone a dragon.)  It was built in 1504, which basically means all the warranties have long since turned to dust.  Don’t even try calling Sears.  The square footage is a paltry 37,000 square feet.  Oh, and it happens to have greenhouses, stables, bridges, oh, and a little itty bitty tiny moat.  And one last detail?  The castle was made famous in the Rihanna Te Amo video.  But other than that, pshaw.  $5.6 million, thank you very much.

Want to learn more about the castle you can’t buy because I’m going to own it come hell or high water?  Great.  Be jealous here.