Michael Beitz Captivating Sculpture Tables

Sometimes artist’s works are so obtuse they are impossible to unravel or discern their meaning.  That is obviously not the case with Michael Beitz’s table sculptures.  Michael’s latest piece is entitled “Not Now” which obviously helps with any last remnant of confusion we may have had.  The table is long… and its corked screwed into a knot in the middle.  Two chairs, one at each end make it clear that its a table set for only two, and they probably aren’t in the mood for this ‘conversation’.   Here is Michael talking a little bit about his latest piece.

“My current work is concerned with parallels between human emotional states and the mass produced design objects we live with and within,” explains Beitz. “I explore ideas through drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. My experience as a furniture maker working in various shops for the past ten years has started to influence my present work, as I have started to use furniture design itself to discuss and interpret my own interpersonal relationships.”

These photos of this table would make for an amazing drawing or a fantastic painting.  Add the Mad Hatter at one end and Alice at the other and wow, have you really got something here. But to realize that this is a physical table, that actually exists, in reality, somewhere… is just amazing to behold.  Just unreal really.  Here, check it out:

Michael has done a similar work to this one before, though not nearly as ostentatious.  These tables really are something else.  It would be really fantastic to see these tables in person.  Just amazing craftsmanship.



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