The Controller Picked Up By Fox

Recently we’ve seen a number of avant garde films getting picked up after their short debut on the internet. I’m thinking Sundays (which the director and producers just emailed me back a ton of really great answers to my questions – I’ll publish that here soon), Polis, Memory 2.0, Leviathan, Record/Play and many others. I’m really loving this trend. Mainly because right now we are all be strangled by Marvel and their singularly awful vision of what the action/superhero movie must look like. But that is our fault because we don’t go and see original ideas in the theater. We apparently love our movie food reheated, thawed, sat on the counter, then reheated all over again.

Dangit I love these idea kernels that just come from out of nowhere. The Controller basically is as simple an idea as it gets. What if there was a girl that controlled everything? And there was a company that wanted that girl? What would happen then? And that is exactly what we see play out here in this short.

Well, it would seem (per Deadline), that Fox has snagged the film rights to this awesome new short film idea. Apparently it will be written by Alev Aydin from the concept design by Saman Kesh. This looks like an upside down damsel in distress sort of a story. And yet, its the damsel that’s calling all the punches. “Why did you do that to her?” he asks her at one point… when it was his hands that broke the woman’s neck. Love it. Just so retro-forward. The damsel takes over her boyfriend in order to free have him free her. Disney should take a few notes from The Controller, well, minus the fact that the director is touting the short as a “modern love story draped in blood.” Yeah, minus that bit.


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