Time Travel Movie Time Lapse Explained

Time lapse is coming out tomorrow, May 15, 2015. I wrote this primer a couple of months ago, but with the release tomorrow I figured I would repost this walk through. I am also posting an interview with Bradley King the co-writer and director of the movie tomorrow as well, to celebrate the release. It was a lot of fun delving into this movie and pulling it apart for you guys and it was even more fun dialoguing with Bradley about his movie. There were some really amazing insights to the movie that I will be updating here after the interview has released tomorrow.

And if you are wondering if this Time Lapse primer is worth your time, Bradley Cooper (who co-wrote the script the script with Bradley King) read through this post and commented on Twitter:

Anyway, first things first, this post is solely for those people who have already seen the movie. And seeing as though it comes out tomorrow, you will need to find it and watch it.

If you have not yet seen it, you are solely allowed to watch the trailer, read the overview section and then promptly leave.  No sneaking peeks further down the page.  No jumping ahead.  Because this post is NOT a general overview of the movie Time Lapse.  But I should say, its an awesome little film. But just by the simple fact that I am doing an in depth review of the movie should be the biggest endorsement of the movie I can offer.

So for all those of you who should not be here, you have been warned, just the general overview and the trailer.  So, let’s discuss the general overview so that we can get rid of everyone and finally get that alone time we (I) were (was) hoping for.  First the trailer:

Time Lapse Movie Trailer & Overview

The three characters in the movie become fascinated, intrigued, and then embroiled in the chaos that it brings. As the trio try to decide what they are going to do with this power, the power sort of implodes in on itself. It is a fantastic, slow boil of a movie with a marvelous surprise twist at the end that will make you reconsider everything you’ve seen up to that point. I cannot recommend the movie enough. If not for its simple, yet sophisticated script, then for its very tightly wound plot and interesting characters. Its definitely going to be a must see for anyone that considers themselves a fan of time travel at all.


Time Lapse Movie Overview

A painter named Finn (Matt O’Leary) is in a bit of a creative slump.  He is sharing his Los Angeles apartment with his two roommates.  Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and Jasper (George Finn) are dating and apparently Jasper may have missed his opportunity to propose. Finn is currently supporting himself as the apartment complex’s manager and one day he goes to check up on a tenant and discovers a mysterious, fridge-sized camera pointed at his own living room window.  And it is this camera that is the the crux of our Time Lapse emphasis of this movie.

So the tenant (who is now deceased as a result of his experiments apparently) has figured out a way to shoot Polaroids that show what will happen 24 hours in the future. Even though the inventor is dead the device has programmed to automatically take one picture every single night. And it is in this complicated soup of details that our play unfolds upon our three characters. Add chaos.  Insert questions about the determinability of time.  Toss in a question or two about free will.  And finally, insert a head job of an ending that jukes 100% your perspective on everything that you were previously assuming and you get an idea of what Time Lapse is really all about.

Spoiler-filled Drama Begins Now

Above I walked you through the spoiler free overview of the movie.  But I figure it is important to actually take you through the detailed events of the movie so that the discussions further on in my walkthrough begin to make more sense.  I’ll keep the detailed walk through at a high level – but you need to grasp the actual events so that when we look at the final reveal it will actually make more sense come the end of the day, or the end of the post, as the case may be.

  1. Callie checks on Mr. B and discovers the machine
  2. Machine takes a photo at 8 pm everyday
  3. Jasper pushes to use the machine to gamble
  4. 1st Photo shows they bet on the track
  5. Photo also shows Finn has painted a new painting
  6. Trio realizes they must make all events in photos occur
  7. Mr. B’s disappearance is covered up w/ Big Joe security guard
  8. A week in they get a photo of Callie kissing Jasper
  9. Jasper’s bookie Ivan learns of the machine
  10. Ivan begins forcing them to pose for photos for him to bet on
  11. Jasper sees skull and crossbones painting which he sees as a warning
  12. Big Joe gets a job as a police officer, and drops off his keys
  13. Ivan threatens trio, but Jasper convinces Ivan that the photo is of his death
  14. Jasper stabs Marcus, and then clubs Ivan to death when he returns with photo
  15. Bodies are all hidden in Mr.B’s storage unit
  16. Dr. Heidecker (Mr. B’s colleague) arrives & makes the trio explain
  17. Mr. B had mailed Heidecker a photo for the next night showing blood on the window & Mr. B’s hat
  18. Finn finds a photo of Callie and Jasper having sex he assumes is for the next night
  19. Finn tries to negotiate and prevent the events from occuring
  20. Jasper knocks Finn out and locks him in Mr. B’s storage.
  21. Finn breaks free and threatens to destroy the machine.
  22. Jasper continues, they fight, and Callie smashes Jasper’s head in.
  23. Finn realizes that the machine takes photos at 8am as well
  24. Callie reveals that she has been using the morning photo to send herself messages to manipulate events and rekindle her relationship with Finn
  25. Finn decides he is going to destroy the machine, Callie shoots Finn creating the blood splatter Heidecker sees in the photo Mr. B had sent him.
  26. Callie attempts to send herself a message by sticking a message to the windo to fix events and Big Joe discovers Jasper and Finn murdered.
  27. The paper falls from the window… its a wrap.


Time Lapse Time Travel Rules

Here’s the tricky thing about Time Lapse, there are some perceived rules within the movie – that are completely false.  And there are hard and fast rules that are unbreakable. Knowing which are which is the trick to understanding how this movie actually works. So to understand how a 24 hour period works in Time Lapse, I drew this diagram on my whiteboard.  Yeah, I didn’t photoshop it, yeah its got the sheen of a 2 week old banana.  But it explains what I’m trying to say faster and clearer than anything I could come up with otherwise.


So at 8pm, a photo arrives from the machine.  It shows (in this example anyway) three people standing in the window.  Ok.  So the trio (triumvirate, trifecta?) decide, no matter what… they had to make that photo a reality come 8pm the next night.  Come what may.  If they were showing the sports page.  Then they had to show the sports page.  If two people were kissing, then dangit… that’s what had to happen or else they would cease to exist.  Literally, that is what they say in the movie.  “Otherwise we will cease to exist.”

I’ll get back to that the further we go down through the rabbit hole.  But that is how the movie’s mechanics work at their simplest.  If you don’t get this, then go back and read again, because things just get crazier from here.  So as the days start progressing on the flow starts to look more like this:


Right?  While the machine is taking the photo for the previous day, it is also spitting out the photo for the next evening.  And so on and so forth.  Because, the assumption throughout the movie is, that the machine takes one photo every day at 8 pm only. Well we know that this isn’t the case at all.  We know that not only does it not just take one photo per day, but it is also setup to take photos at 8am.  Which would overlay another set of possibilities to the timeline.


So, we can see here that we have the 8pm timeline going on top… and more importantly we have the 8am photos going on the bottom.  Not only does it take photos TWICE a day, but it also has the potential for taking photos further into the future, because that is how Dr. Heidecker finds out that something bad has (will, might have already?) happened to his colleague, Mr. B.  Right?

But the biggest insight to this movie is not that there are two pictures a day. It’s more subtle than that. During the 8pm timeline we see that they believe that they must obey the photos in the future or they will cease existing. Right? But in the 8am timeline Callie believes no such thing.  She sees the photos as an endless loop of possibility. Callie begins to do things, and try things, and then redo them again. Because she understood that if she screwed up, she just had to tell her previous self to do it differently… and she could fix it.

While one timeline is locked into a predestined timeline of inevitability, the other morning timeline has been manipulating the day all along. Callie is the real puppet master in this movie.  She has been manipulating both guys towards her own ends. “Kiss Jasper too long” she says to herself, because she wants to make Finn jealous. The reason this is revolutionary is because upon our first viewing we assume that it is Jasper and Finn that are the evil ones.  Using the machine for personal gain… and ultimately murder.  But they were actually just a pawn in Callie’s larger mission.  We know this for sure because we see that she says she can fix the final timeline if only she can put a note up to change the final fateful events.

The Recursivity of Time Lapse

I had cobbled a crappy whiteboard drawing together, but so many people were flaming out on this idea I decided I needed to put more detail into the diagram. And so I’ve added two diagrams of how the flow works. So here are my new time sketches detailing out how a basic flow could work utilizing solely the 8:00pm photos.



So to understand the flow – please follow it from the beginning to the end first. First 8:00pm photo shows and says, “Go Gambling on this horse”, which deviates the first timeline from continuing without any gambling in it. The next night another photo shows up and it says hide the keys (or whatever), and a new timeline is created which includes the hidden keys. Ostensibly, the person (you prime, or whatever) that sent the photo back continues indefinitely forward unaware of the ripple downstream. But we have even more power than that available to us because we have both the 8:00am and the 8:00pm timelines available to us, right? So it should look more like this:


I took the same drawing, and I added 8:00am stop points, and then just worked it from the back to the front of the timelines. Oh NO, tell my previous self about x. Day 5 – 8:00pm, you send back a message to your Day 4 – 8:00 pm self. Then you could take the recursion to a new level by also having your Day 5 – 8:00 am self also tell your Day 4 – 8:00 am self something else as well. Then your Day 3 8:00 pm self and your 8:00 am, Day 2 8:00 pm and 8:00 am, and so on. You basically walk the cat backwards until time is adjusted to your liking.

But the thing that most people in the comments are missing is this. In most movies the camera – the point of view – discards the secondary timelines and only follows the effects. Time lapse does not do that. It should still work regardless of where where are concentration is pointed. Right? It should have been possible to send backwards a message all the way to the beginning of the photo machine’s life. And in so doing resolve any timeline conflict or problem that you have encountered so far. Right?

Time Lapse Explanation Conclusion

The key to understanding the final moments of the movie have been hard for some to understand ultimately.  I’ve seen posts on Reddit and other places where they seem to not fundamentally get that final scene.  So let’s walk through it slowly.

Immediately after the big Jasper/Finn fight Callie smashes Finn’s head in… she then let’s herself know that she should swap out the affair photo with the charades night photo.  She also tells herself to kill Jasper to save Finn as we see here.


She’s always the one that is willing to escalate the fastest because she knows she can fix it later. Then after that, the great big enormous revelation is that Finn finds out about the 8am photo. Whaa? He freaks out.  Callie says, no wait, wait, its all good because I’ve been using the photos in order to fix our relationship, rekindle our love for one another!  (By kissing Jasper too long, and covering over the fact that they had been sleeping together, but never mind all that.)  Finn flips out (rightly) and decides he is going to destroy the machine.  Callie shoots Finn (hows that for rekindling their relationship?  But Callie knows that she can go back and unshoot him later as long as she sends herself a message, so it isn’t permanent. Right?  Make sense?) and blood sprays the wall and window.

So, the final message that Callie puts on the window is CRITICAL.  “Don’t get caught at the window”.  But notice something critical about this photo?  She holds it up with a single piece of tape.  (If she were to get free from Joe the next message she should post at 8pm should be, USE TWO PIECES OF TAPE DANGIT!! Hahaha.)


What do we have?  She killed Jasper to stop him from hurting Finn.  And she killed Finn to keep him from destroying the machine.  But that was all temporary… IF, IF, IF she can send herself a message to undo the chaos.  She had been living with the flexibility of time for so long she had become callous to her own actions.  They didn’t mean anything anymore. She could do whatever she wanted and get away with it. But when Joe, the recently hired police officer, finds Callie surrounded by blood and dead people everywhere (including the dead bodies in Mr. B’s storage) he is definitely taking her in.  Which is fine with Callie. Take me in.  No problem.  But its when the sign falls down that she comes unglued.  Right?  Nothing mattered until that happened.  She will now see the picture that Mr. B’s colleague sees and nothing else.  There will be no going back now.

As a result, the movie ends with Callie going to jail for the murder of four people.  Mr. B, Dr. Heidecker, Jasper and also Finn.  She is covered in their blood after beating in heads and shooting people.  She wasn’t able to go back and undo this final thread, and so it becomes locked in reality.  The sign falling is the single most significant event that happens throughout the duration of the film, because it disempowers the historical Callie from being able to undo the chaos and damage that naturally results from her selfishness and manipulation of the timeline.  But it also proves out the previous photo of Mr. B and shows that what ultimately came true was the initial photograph sent to Dr. Heidecker.


This movie is awesome.  And really holds together the deeper you dive into it.  I’d love to know your thoughts on whether I completely missed it in my time travel movie Time Lapse explained post.  Let me know below!


UPDATE – Look who just won the geek of the day award. Bradley King just contacted me… out of the blue. Here’s what he had to say:

Mr. Holmes! Bradley King here, writer / director of Time Lapse. I just wanted to say I stumbled on your page while seeing how our results in Google were looking, and I was very impressed! It’s really gratifying to see someone accurately analyze and break down the movie. Our outlining board looked very similar to your dry erase boards. Great work!

How ya like me now?  Hahahah. No, its cool. I think he has already realized contacting me was a bad idea because I’ve literally contacted his mother for all the necessary best-friend forms… and what nots. Cause, now that HAS to happen. Such a great movie.

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117 Responses

  1. Shelby

    For some reason I wasn’t confused at all by this movie and really enjoyed it. I do like the debate of “can she change the past/timeline or not?”

    A really interesting perspective that at least one other commenter mentioned is that Callie likely became mentally unstable (delusions) that she could somehow change the past and fix “mistakes.” I like this theory, since the power of seeing the future affected all of their abilities to think clearly and to make rational decisions. Callie hid her obsession from us but that’s what makes her the most unsettling character. She was OBSESSED with Finn yet had been cheating on him and used Jasper in her sick game. Jasper seemed to lose control of his ability to make rational choices in all aspects (this was on the surface so everyone could tell) but Callie made calculated, manipulative decisions and just acted the part of an innocent person. She’s the diabolical one to me (though both she and Jasper are pretty evil by the end).

    However, let’s say for a minute that we do believe Callie. That means up until that final scene is the end result of all her fixes. In other words, she has been editing every day to what she wants it to be in terms of perfecting her relationship with Finn. So for this scene, as we are watching her explain to Finn what she’s been doing (IF WE BELIEVE SHE’S RIGHT AND NOT AN INSANE PERSON), we are to assume that this is the first time she has experienced this specific day and time. That is to say, she hasn’t edited this point in time yet. The catch is that since the note falls before the image is captured, this is not just the first but also the last time she experiences this specific point in time. So if she was changing other situations, we only saw the end result. In this scene for those who believed that she can control the situation, they experienced her realizing a mistake was made and being unable to fix it, In other words, it’s live. And it’s final. What a great twist of the knife, and she did it to herself. I’d like to think she was capable of changing things just because that final moment is that much more twisted and unsettling.

    Though the truth is I don’t think she could actually go back and fix things. There’s a story I heard once that I may butcher but basically it’s a couple who finds out their unborn child will one day grow up to be Hitler. To avoid this, they swap babies with someone else or maybe just kill their baby? I don’t remember, but the point is they steal or adopt a different baby instead, and then that child is the one who grows up to become Hitler. So in their attempt to avoid parenting a genocidal maniac, they ended up parenting a genocidal maniac. In this movie I believe they were always going to find the camera, and eventually she would kill them both and be carted off to prison. What a great, twisted story!

  2. Jim

    I do think that every timeline had its consequences and went on its merry way (good or bad), so changing the future by posting on the window, looking at the pictures, etc, was only for the benefit of the next time line, not the present.

  3. Stacy

    My take away from the film was that everything happened, it already happened and try as you might you can’t change it. No matter what she puts up in the window, whatever the camera gets, that is what happens. Since the already had the 8pm picture- with no ‘don’t get caught in the window’ sign- that is what happened. She tried to change it, she failed, because you can’t change things.

    She wasn’t changing things she got wrong, she was telling herself what she did that day, to do it again. Every timeline was exactly the same. I don’t see any instances where she CHANGED anything. Just like (for example) she takes all the pictures, then goes and tells herself to take all the pictures, like she just did. She kisses him too long, sees the result she wants, then goes and tells herself to do it. So the current her gets the picture and follows it, kisses him too long, then tells herself to do it. I don’t see any situation where she DIDN’T kiss him too long. Because she was told to do that before she ever did it. The picture always comes to her first.

  4. darnell

    This film was amazing, exasperating, exhilarating and confounding.
    The comments and this page helped a great deal for understanding though.
    What i couldn’t get my ahead around is how Callie thinks she can undo killing finn.
    But then through these comments ive begun to understand things.

    The perspective is always on one timeline. Callie may have done shit to create the current timeline as well as adjustments, but we follow but we don’t see her do that apart from the photos that fall on the kitchen floor towards the end.

    She did have the power to change the future in the sense that it would change another callies future, but she was dumb to understand that it wouldn’t reset her own current timelines history.

    On why some earlier photos were missing or removed, that could be her hiding her fuck sessions with jasper.

    This is a long way of saying, the timeline we follow is predestined, but callie can change outcomes for other timelines.

    The timeline we follow is not even the A timeline because it had posters like “kiss jasper a little longer” at 8am meaning she kissed too short in another timeline and adjusted which had a hand in creating this one and only one that we follow.

    Is that correct? That’s the only way i can understand it.

    Callie’s problem is because she thinks that her timeline can manipulate events when she’s actually just doing what another Callie set out for her to do.

    We don’t see the time manipulating callie, we only see the manipulated callie.

    Which is a long way of saying, destiny is changeable but not in the timeline we’re viewing.

    • Taylor

      Hay there Darnell,
      Yes – I agree with you completely. She is predestined, as you put it. But her derivative timelines are not. Well said.


  5. Brandon

    Thanks for the analysis! My question is how can we assume that she thinks she can go change time? She says she was being pulled along just like all of them. And though I know she could just be saying that, there’s no evidence that time could be changed until they see the sex picture swapped with the crime scene one. But she knows she swapped it. So she would still think time is unchangeable. No?

    • Brandon

      I’d like to change the above to say that I know why we assume she thinks time can change. The final scene is all about her thinking it can change. But why would she think that? The only evidence of time changing was the swapped out pics. And she did it. In truth every picture came true and time was never changed. So why does she think she can change time?

      • Jaelyn

        I think that was her honestly losing her freaking mind. She felt empowered by all the manipulation. By her finding it first and understanding it before anyone else. I mean it turned her into an even more manipulative person, a KILLER, so she thought she could not only manipulate future, but manipulate past which is ridiculous. This film is about the future, and a machine that sees the future and possibly manipulating things to change the future or control it…. never going BACK in time. The picture machine can’t make Finn alive somehow. She lost her mind. I don’t know why people are taking this as a possibility.

  6. EL Ritter

    I watched this movie solely based on the recommendations here from reviews of movies I enjoyed, like Primer. I was not dissapointed. I always enjoy that question of time and causality.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Currently on my lunch break, and I’m building an actual page with all my approved movie recommendations that will be easy to review and consult when you are looking for something to watch. But you guys have to SHUSH on the comments for like long enough for me to get it done dangit! Hahaha. Glad you liked Time Lapse. Man I loved this movie. Such amazing goodness there.

  7. Jaelyn

    Hey Taylor, love your reviews.

    I have only question about this film. And out of allll the craziness in this film, this might seem like a stupid question lol. But I honestly understand all of it except ONE DAMN THING.

    For some reason THIS is bending my mind.

    How would Jasper get the racing bets? Because the picture machine isn’t spewing out pics of the newspaper. And if they hold up “yesterday’s” winners to bet on the next day—how does that help them? They will always be the winners of the day before. So they just bet on who won yesterday when they find out at 8pm? I really really have tried to figure this out. I’ve seen this film three times and each time, the races thing is what blows my mind into utter confusion. You see a horse wins at 8pm, take a picture of it. Bet on that horse THE NEXT DAY…… sooooo what? The same horses don’t win everyday. What is my brain missing here?

    • Taylor Holmes

      Hey there Jaelyn,
      Because I love you guys so much… hahaha… I popped open the movie again to think before I speak.

      So, the way it worked… is simple, you are just caught on the simple fact that this isn’t possible! Hahah. So let me run an outline for you walking you through how it happens:

      1. Finn leaves party to take a photo at the same time the machine goes off
      2. Compares photo from yesterday’s photo – they match
      3. Notices the new photo from tomorrow
      4. In the photo is the race results for the next day
      5. They play the ponies the next day
      6. So tomorrow they will need to remember to post the results photo so they will have it yesterday.

      When I spell it out like that does it make more sense?
      Sometimes I complicate things when I try to help, so who knows!

      • Christophe Fournier

        Jaelyn is correct. The camera has no way of knowing the results of the race or that this is what the group wants. It’s just taking pictures of the future.These bets still have to be made. I find it impossible to watch a movie based on a flawed premise.

  8. The 20 Best Time Travel Movies Ever

    […] in that awesome movie. And a few months after that I discovered the clever little movie entitled Timelapse which introduced me to BP Cooper and Bradley King. It seems like every time I have a sewn up list, […]

  9. Shelby

    He switches the names up in the beginning but if you kept reading past the overview, he uses the correct names in the remainder of the explanation. I hope a silly mistake didn’t stop you from reading a well-thought-out analysis…

  10. smann276

    Yes – this option 1 seems to be the correct interpretation for the movie. The question is really what is happening when the camera goes off.

    It is suggested by Taylor that the “machine is taking the photo for the previous day, it is also spitting out the photo for the next evening.” I’m not sure this is correct. I envision the machine as fully a future camera. Meaning that when we see the machine flash and spit out a photo, the flash and the photo are tied together and are shooting 24 hours into the future. This means the machine is never “taking the photo for the previous day”. When we see the characters attempting to replicate the scene in time for the camera flash, this is really unnecessary as the flash that we see go off is NOT taking their picture real time – that flash we see is actually taking a photo of that location 24 hours in the future.

    This interpretation leads to a deterministic tone and really a single timeline that we see in the movie. Nothing can be changed and every attempt at trying to change anything fails as it is all deterministic.

  11. smann276

    100% agree. This explains what happens when Callie first finds the machine and sees the initial photo of herself (“knock over rack, remove daytime photos”).

    But one thing this deterministic interpretation doesn’t explain well is the stuff about Finn painting the green spiral to make sure Mr. B goes to the storage room so that Finn can find his keys to get out of the storage room. None of this makes sense in a strictly single timeline (no changes).

    A plot hole that certainly exists is that when Callie exchanges the old sex photo, Jasper does not recognize that photo is from a past time and thinks it is something that HAS to happen the next day. Seems he would certainly remember and realize this photo was from the past. I guess he could be thinking they have sex again since he so blindly trusts the machine and its results.

  12. Troy

    I see so many people misinterpret Finn’s realization, I have to comment on it.

    At the end, Finn is not thinking about not painting the picture; he doesn’t ask himself, “what if?” Instead, he is realizing the discrepancy between the last two photos. He speaks to himself with very specific questions, “This isn’t possible… I was always going to paint this?… We haven’t changed anything… Then where did this [photo] come from?”

    To understand, let’s define a few terms I’ll be using to explain:

    Last photo – this is the picture with blood, the coil painting, and police tape
    Fake last photo – this is the sex photo Callie swapped in place of the last photo
    2nd to last photo – this is the photo sent to Dr. Heidecker, with blood, coil painting, but no police tape

    After Callie kills Jasper, she swaps the fake-last-photo for the real last-photo, and gives it to Finn as evidence they have changed the future. But as Finn begins to paint the coil, he realizes he has a separate photo (the 2nd-to-last-photo) that has shown the same scene as the last-photo (minus police tape) for at least a week. Which means the future didn’t “just change” as Callie tried to claim.

    Basically, either both pictures should have changed as Callie tried to claim, or neither should have ever changed… but here he was with supposedly one of each, which is the discrepancy he realized: it can’t be both. And as he then discovers, he is correct.

  13. Samantha

    I have one question… that will probably lead to more. I understand and agree all that was said. But what was the photo Callie replaced with the sex photo? I thought it was the caution tape as an 8pm photo. So wouldn’t that mean she would get caught by the police 8pm of the day she killed Finn and jasper? Is this true : the day she held up the “don’t get caught” message was the same day she killed the two boys. (Or was it for the next morning?) because if it was the next morning I don’t get it!

  14. Taylor Holmes

    Hey Samantha…
    It’s been a while since I’ve watched this film, so I don’t know for sure, BUT, I seem to recall that she didn’t replace it. There were several blanks on the wall that they wondered about. Hrm… and yeah. Look at the photo I included of the photo wall up top in my post. I count six empty spots. And I’m guessing all six were photos that she pulled down. No?


  15. Samantha

    Yeah I just saw it and watched it multiple times. Haha im talking about the photo she replaced that came out of the machine the night Jasper’s money shot was taken. (So the day before everyone got killed basically) what was the photo that was originally there?

  16. Taylor Holmes

    ah. sure. was unclear which photos you were referring to. good question. can’t even conjecture. (which is all I really ever do, tbh). definitely going to have to flip that scene back open and point my brain at this movie again.

  17. Reckless

    But Callie didn’t know the machine was taking photos when she was cheating on Finn. It happened months before they found out about it


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