I Have Many Questions About Humanity Now

I Have Many Questions About Humanity Now

I watched the clip below, and was just amazed at the sheer quantity of destruction power displayed here. It’s as if a bomb went off when this truck attempted to drive under this bridge that was apparently, way way way, too low for it to clear. So yeah, we have instant internet goodness on our hands. But I want to deconstruct this video a little bit and talk about a few of the different things that stand out like a sore thumb to me. But first, the video:

Right?!? Epic destruction. Truck cover is obliterated, chassis keeps going, load goes a different direction. I’m wondering if this local town is keep this bridge this way and the video feed rolling just so that they can get advertising revenue off of Youtube. Talk about a brilliant conspiracy theory… I think I’m on to something here. But grassy knoll aside, let’s take a quick closer look at this video a bit.


truck-crash-signDo you see that? A caution sign. The sign reads, “CAUTION – 10′-6″ … LOW BRIDGE AHEAD”. That’s a pretty important sign for this guy. 30 seconds later he’s definitely wishing he had seen it. But I really can’t blame the guy too much, there are 42 signs on that right side there. There is a grooved pavement sign, there is a 25 MPH sign and even a faded no parking sign, not to mention the school sign a little further up on the right. Then further ahead there is another construction sign.

At first I was thinking that this guy was an absolute dork for not seeing this sign, but I really can’t blame him now that I’ve done a post mortem on the explosion scene. There are a lot of different messages coming at this poor guy. So the lesson for me is, make sure that you pick out the one lone voice amongst the cacophony of voices to listen to. Find that voice and listen very very carefully to what that voice is saying. Because it could mean a world of hurt if you don’t.

The second thing I wanted to point out about this video – happens AFTER the crash and the chaos. Did you notice it? Go watch it again before I tell you. See if you can pick it out.

The two cars that are right behind the exploding truck… did you notice what they do? They turn around. They realize that there is noway on God’s gracious and green earth, that they are going under that bridge any time today. So what do they do? U-turn, other direction… run for it. But think about it, the guy in the cab could be dead. Probably is fine. But, wouldn’t you expect that the people around you would jump out of their car and check on you? Validate you are alive, and coherent? I don’t know… maybe call 911? I mean, HIS TRUCK JUST BLEW UP. Maybe I’m old school. Never mind that you you have a legal obligation to stick around and talk to the cops when you witness an accident. But whatever.

If you didn’t get enough with that video, here’s another truck doing EXACTLY the same thing, on exactly the same bridge. Because humanity never ever learns from their collective mistakes.