Benedetto Bufalino Repurposes Phone Booths For the Better

Benedetto Bufalino Repurposes Phone Booths For the Better
I remember when and where I was when I heard the news that England’s vaunted phone booths would be going the way of the dodo. I also remember thinking… “wait, WHAT? You can’t remove all those fantastically historic phone booths. And then I remember thinking… but why not? They are just riddled (and by riddled, I mean RIDDLED) with porn (who puts all those cards there anyone? The Phone Booth Porn Fairy? Wait, that doesn’t sound right at all!) and cards of phone sex operators, and prostitutes and and and.

Never mind the fact that no one uses phone booths any more. I mean, really. If you are in such dire straights that you need a phone, because yours fell in the toilet (WC, loo, what have you) – not that this has ever happened to me or anything. Never. But let’s just say, HYPOTHETICALLY, your phone was waterlogged and needed to make a call… ask that guy over there —-> he has a phone he would gladly let you borrow for 2 minutes. Seriously. Phone booths are awful, seedy, remnants of a bygone era and should be removed, irradicated, demolished, and abolished.

But not withstanding a Phone Booth Eradication Campaign (PBEC), I think this would be a completely decent alternative to the problem. Fish Tanks!

I mean seriously. That is fantastic. I know from personal experience that fish tanks harbor all manner of city gentrification capabilities within their small frames. I’m sure that these fish tanks have personally saved the lives of countless once suicidal individuals. But now? Perfectly content and ready to walk the urban landscape with a spring in their aquarium-loving step.







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