The Elephant Walk Art Rolling Installation

Some ideas are so stupidly cool, so crazy simple and innovative, you wonder why you didn’t think of it first. And right, here we have another one of those blow your mind ideas that will make you wish you’d thought of it first.

Swiss artist Michael Flückiger took a simple projector and he then attached it to his bike. Michael then grabbed a car battery, an iPad mini and integrated it with Openframeworks” in order to create his roaming installation entitled the “The Elephant Walk“.

But what is it that Michael is projecting? This clever guy is projecting onto the side of the building an moving video of the shadow of an elephant walking. And not just any shadow of an elephant walking. But a shadow that matches the speed of the bicycle to a T. Which, in my opinion, is the bit that just blows my mind. Such a cool idea.

Sweetness and light I tell you. Love everything about this little roaming “installation”.

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