New Mark Demsteader Paintings

New Mark Demsteader Paintings
mark-demsteader-painting-for-saleOh. My. Gosh. Mark Demsteader’s newest paintings are off the hook. I chatted with Mark about his work back in April. And even in the background of some of his photos that he sent me I saw a few of these pieces in various states of progress. Oh, how I love this man’s work. Absolutely adore it.

I might just start a kickstarter to help me purchase one of his pieces. And to think, for a measly 18,000 quid I could have this painting right here! I mean, the world would work so hard to keep me from being happy? To keep me separated from such a fabulous work as this?

Anyway, if you don’t know Mark Demsteader, or his paintings, (because you somehow missed my conversation with him, how?) he is the most well known and respected figure painter in the UK right now. And his price tags definitely show it. My favorite question that he answered was simple enough, it was me… asking him… what the meaning of life is. hahah. Here’s his very polite and very wonderful answer:

“The meaning of life isn`t the easiest one to start with but I’m up for the challenge. When it comes to how my work sits with me personally I suppose it`s just something I`ve never really thought about. When i first went into a gallery as a kid I knew what I wanted to do so that was that, i think you eventually become part of it and I see a lot of contemporary artists whose work is described as challenging or cutting edge whichever the latest buzz word is, but if thats how they communicate through their work I find it basically fake. All I know is when I look at work from the history of art I can feel their humanity and desire to share with the world something that say`s I was alive and this was me. That`s after all what rembrandt self portraits were all about and why they are so beautiful.”

Come on. That’s goodness and light. So, now that we are clear who he is and what he does… anyone got 20k pounds I can have? Great. Thanks for that.