Flying Man Short Movie Purchased by Sony

Flying Man Short Movie Purchased by Sony

Flying-manShort movie makers need to be greenlit for more full length movies. Just has to happen more than it does today. By doing so, two things would happen. The first thing would be that there would be less mindless sequels going to theaters. The second thing would be that we movie goers would start getting more unique movies coming across our plates in short order. We’d start getting exceptional movies like Strings with a neurological woman that is so dangerous she needs to remain sedated at all times. Or Call Back, that allows individuals with a certain drug to time travel. Or better yet, The Most Beautiful Day, wherein we follow a chap through a post apocalyptic day wherein he’s trapped in a silo with something evil, and left for dead. Or ooh ooh, Burnt Grass, where a mysterious crater in a lawn let’s the owner create duplicates of anything organic!? There are so many short movies out there that are interesting… way more interesting than doing yet another Avengers sequel.

Well, if you agree with me on this front, (I’m sure there are two of you out there… yes? There are two of you?!) then I have great news for you. Flying Man, an awesome short film that came out in 2013, and it’s full feature film treatment has been picked up by Sony. Don’t know about Flying Man? Here, here’s the 9 minute short film I’m talking about.

Come on!! This is fantastic. The Flying Man is running around the city and killing criminals… because he can. If you have run across a book called Steelheart, you would be familiar with this idea. And really? You should have thought of this yourself! The idea of Superman?!? This should scare you out of your mind! If you are nervous about the CIA or the NSA knowing too much about you?? Why wouldn’t the idea of a Superman scare the dickens out of you? And just playing this idea of the “superhero” out just a bit, and you end up with a movie like The Flying Man. Which reminds me of the Trank found footage superhero movie, Chronicle. What happens when someone randomly becomes powerful? What would happen to his once benevolent intentions? What would happen to his goals and desires?

Regardless of what I think of the idea, or how cool I think it is… Sony is going to be developing a feature length movie based on Marcus Alqueres’ clever concept. The most clever piece of it being the fact that the entire movie is seen from the eyes of a guy that is about to commit a crime. Very quickly this project will get into the realm of Minority Report, if taken to the next logical conclusion.

Apparently The Flying Man will be produced by Scott Glassgold, who along with Alqueres packaged the project based upon the buzz surrounding the short, along with a spec script from Chris Collins (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). I cannot wait to see this when it comes out.