A Simple System For making 5 to 10% a month

A Simple System For making 5 to 10% a month

Alright, this is just because I love you guys. Seriously, this really is a freebie, from me to you. Merry Christmas. I’m going to show you how to make 5 to 10% on your money every week. Wait, WHAT?!? Yeah. I’ve only been using this system for 2 months now, but I am up over 50% on my money in that time. 57% to be exact. There are two tricks I have to show you, but there are no gimmicks.

Robin-hood-GIFFor this tip, I am going to ask you to click through my link. But I am not going to get anything for your doing so. But I’ll explain that in due time. But first, you need a platform to trade on. And I trade on Robinhood – which is an app that I run from my iPhone. (It also works on your Android as well… though I am wondering why we are friends if you own an Android. Yeah, I own one too, but I never use it. This is just one of those things that makes me go hrmmmm.)

The killer feature on Robinhood? Hahah. It’s free. Setup an account free. Manage your account free. Buy stocks free. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me. Purchase stocks, sell stocks… all free. So even if you only have $50 to your name, that will work to make your 5%-10% per week. In a year, I’m betting that you’ll be somewhere around 6 or 7 hundred bucks if you follow this system to a T. And this is all because of the fact that you aren’t paying 15 bucks a trade. That’d be like paying 30% against your $50. That’d be impossible. But with Robinhood it isn’t impossible.

There are things that the app doesn’t do that I wish it did – oh, like a 3 day delay to get your funds after a sale. BUT, that is changing with the release of Robinhood Instant which will allow everyone to trade on margin – for free – for the three days until the funds clear. Yeah, who wouldn’t want at that action? There are currently 133,000 people in line to get access to Robinhood Instant. I am number 48. FORTYEIGHT!!! But I want to be number one! So if you sign up using my link, I will get close and closer to that quest.

So that is the first step in making 5% per week.


The second step? Simple enough. There is a companion app for Robinhood called Invest by Rubicoin that gives very solid longterm investment strategy ideas. But longterm investment strategies is not why we are here. Sure. Everyone loves earning 20% year over year. But I want to make you 250% year over year. Or some crazy number like that. (Obviously I can’t guarantee anything… and this is all highly speculative. But it’s a better strategy than anything I’ve seen before.)

So how do we get the big number gains? Simple enough. Every week or two Invest makes a recommendation for a stock that is destined to move. Rubicoin takes the approach that while they prefer longterm gains, every week or two they see a stock that just has to move up. They sell this particular stock tip for $2. Which, considering the value they are bringing to the table is basically free. So they find stocks that are low in the face of market insanity, or temporary bad news and let you buy in and make some short term money. Here, take Under Armour for example. UA got shellacked on news about soft market something or other. And then this is what happened right after Rubicoin highlighted the company…


I bought in at $67, and then it bounced to $85. It drifted a bit and then I sold. Which meant I made 22% on the transaction. Now, obviously not every transaction is going to make you that kind of money. But so far, I haven’t made anything less than 5%. You will need to watch the market closely on the day you buy, make sure you buy with a limit order at the number you think works for you. And then just sit and wait. Give it a couple days. And wait. Usually the stock moves within a day or two back towards where it should really be after being artificially depressed.

As another example, the stock I’m sitting on right now from a tip from Invest is SolarCity. They were at upwards of $65 just a month or two earlier. But then comes all kinds of bad “news” for the company… and it drops to 17? So I buy in at 17.50, and currently it’s over 19. What is that? 8.5%? I’m not greedy. When I see higher than 5, I start looking for my exit strategy.

Steps to 5% weekly Growth

  1. Get Robinhood with this link.
  2. Get Rubicoin’s Invest app.
  3. Start buying

Full disclosure – I have NO idea if this technique is reproducible. And I am not liable if you try this clever trick and lose a ton of money. But it’s the best play I’ve seen in a long while. Shout out to Tim who tipped me to the Invest app (oh, and the Robinhood app now that I think about it.) I’d love to hear about your successes.  And Rubicoin, yes, you are welcome. And why yes, you can fly me to your headquarters to herald me your hero of the day award. Seems only fitting.