Return of the Obra Dinn Sends Us to One Bit Pirate Heaven

Return of the Obra Dinn Sends Us to One Bit Pirate Heaven
obra-dinn-4Man I love weird bass-ackwards games. I love crazy weird movies. I love crazy weird ideas. I love crazy weird anything really. But today, I have a one bit pirate game called Return of the Obra Dinn that is, get this… a fully 3D environment all shaded in one bit glory. You can download the game for both the PC as well as for the Mac… and you will marvel. I promise you, you will marvel.

The game itself, is just a proof of concept. You arrive at a pirate ship on a rowboat. Once you board the ship you begin exploring to see what you can find. I immediately went right past the obvious next step, and continued staring at the beautiful ship in all it’s one-bit brilliance all the while a Pirate on the rowboat kept yelling at me across the boat, “It’s too heavy!” Eventually I realized that the point of the game was to utilize a watch that you find to look backwards in time to piece together the timeline and the happenings aboard the Obra Dinn. It’s a simple idea, but gorgeously rendered.

I have been up all night working on rolling out and I’ve enjoyed waiting out the monotonousness between chaos by fiddling with this fantastic little game. But seeing as though I’ve had 3 monsters, 2 Krispy Kremes and way too many slices of pizza, I may not be in the right state of mind to be reviewing even the simplest of games. But ah well.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can find the download files out here. It really is pretty amazing what is possible in simple black and white pixels. It’s like I just went backwards to 1988 all over again.