The Battle [sic] Flip Heard Round The World

The Battle [sic] Flip Heard Round The World
Do you guys listen to the Reply All podcast? No. Of course you don’t. Because you want to make my job as hard as physically possible here. I knew it. On said podcast, there is a segment entitled Yes, Yes, No… wherein the two hosts and the founder delve into the deep deep dark world of interweb memes and try and untangle them to see if they can get to a Yes, Yes, Yes on whether or not they understand what is going on with the meme. Well, I feel like this post today is a low rent version of that segment.

The simple, topside layer of what just happened. Most of you have probably already seen this video? No? Oh, man. First, sit down. Either that, or fall down in a second. Maybe even opt for a seatbelt. Alright, hit play below, and I defy you to try and just watch it once. This thing is a phenomenon unto itself.

Pretty fantastic. No? Then WATCH IT AGAIN. Because you are obviously missing it. When Senatore originally signed up for his high school’s talent competition it was misspelled as “BATTLE FLIPPING”, which, personally, I think is way the heck more appropriate than your standard “Bottle Flipping” talent show act.

Well, after watching it the first time – I went to the nearest vending machine, and promptly purchased a bottle of water (Dasani) and proceeded to duplicate Senatore’s entire show my first try. Totally stuck the landing. Totally rocked it perfectly. But what Senatore did had nothing to do with flipping a bottle. It had nothing to do his innate flipping skills. It more so had to do with actually signing up. It had more to do with winning over the crowd with a “BATTLE FLIPPING” talent that isn’t a talent. It had more so to do with having the cajones to get up there in front of a potentially hostile crowd and sticking the landing.

This video is a thing simply because it’s all about the vibrance of youth and the sheer possibilities life brings. That on any given day, all of society may hoist a random individual up onto our shoulders and deem them worthy of adulation and congratulations. That we would celebrate them collectively. Sure, the music queue was brilliant. The wind up was huge. Sticking the landing big. But it was more the crowd going absolutely nuts at the end of the day that made this a thing. It’s actually a reenactment of the ending of Napoleon Dynamite – to a T. (Which if, for some odd reason, you have never seen it, you can watch the ending here.) But instead, it’s real life. Which immediately makes it the land of legend.

So while it is merely bottle flipping – still, it is true, the gods walk among us.