Split Grain Reclaimed Wood Illumination Solutions

Split Grain Reclaimed Wood Illumination Solutions

There are just way way way too many clever people out there that want all my money. I’m actually beginning to realize that it is one big conspiracy. Like, clever artists that create gorgeous paintings that like cost like 72 of my paychecks? And Nintendo? They are coming out with a thing that wants all my money too. And then there are like things that you can’t even buy, but you need, like Star Wars. I need Star Wars. I’d buy Star Wars. Do you think Disney would sell it for $125 and some change? Cause I’d do it. I’d totally purchase Star Wars. I’m not even joking.


Now it’s the guys over at Split Grain that are taking all my money. I’m serious. But the problem with these lights, they are all so perfect, I’d have to have one of each. And they run like a grand a piece? See?! I’m out 423 more paychecks there too! Everyone wants all my money. Why?

Seriously though, these things are gorgeous. Look at them!?! Tell me they are not Star wars gorgeous.

SEE?! Now you have less money too! Just like me. The world is conspiring against you as well. I’m so sorry. Regardless, if you are hoping to NOT spend money on these lighting solutions (for stealing your money) do not go to this linkĀ right here. Because they have traps, human money traps, hidden in that link. You go there. Your money will go bye bye.