I Need Podcast Help – Please

I Need Podcast Help – Please

I give. And I give. And I give, give, and give. This site is a freak’n time and money and mind sink. I’m thinking that the only thing that makes sense as to why I keep coming back and writing day after day about this, that, or the other thing, is that I’ve become I’m addicted. Or some other sort of psychological imbalance. I mean, I do freak, when I stand back and think about it, that 20 or 30 times a week you guys write 500 word comments. (Sometimes your comments are longer than my original posts. This, is not hyperbole.)

But right now. I’m in desperate need. DESPERATE. And I’m sick and tired of giving. Now I’m all about getting. Got it? So hook me up. I’ve listened to all the podcasts I have. And I run out of new ones by like Tuesday of each week. I need tons more goodness to keep it going. Tons more. Seriously hate TV, but love podcasts. So help me out.

So this is what is about to happen. I’m going to list out all my favorite podcasts (see? More giving.) And you, in the comments sections, will continue the list where I left off. Right? Simple exercise. I list… you keep going. Got it? Great.

#1 – Serial season 1 and 2 – without a doubt the single greatest piece of audio ever pulled together. Season 2 is fine. Season 1 is deserving of Oscars, Emmys, Man Booker, Nobel Peace prizes, all in one.  If you want to still be my friend? Listen to season 1 of Serial… now.

#2 – 99% Invisible – an architectural podcast? Audio architecture? (oooh, cool domain name?) Impossible. But that assumes you don’t have Roman Mars, and you do. It’s a brilliant show. Always interesting, sometimes shocking, never boring.

#3 – Radiolab – um. No idea how to describe this one. Usually my number one podcast of all time… but #Serial. Oh, and by the way, they’ve kinda stopped putting out amazing. So, they are still there in the list, and when they come out with new stuff they go to the top of my queue… but that isn’t happening as much anymore.

#4 – Undisclosed – This is basically an insider’s view of Serial Season 1. They are now branching away from Adnan, which is interesting, but the verdict is still out as to the goodness and light that will happen here.

#5 – Song Exploder – I dig music… but I’m not a musey (musicy? what is the music equivalent to foody?!?) but man do I love Song Exploder.

#6 – More Perfect – The first spin off show from Radio Lab (and part of the reason they aren’t putting out as many podcasts?) is More Perfect… a podcast about the Supreme Court. I don’t know why they thought this would sell. But I personally love it. I also wanted to intern for Justice Scallia at one time too. So, yeah, for me it’s a slam dunk. You, maybe? Try it.

#7 – Reply All – If this list were in any sort of order that his was at 7 would be a travesty. But it isn’t. So don’t read anything into that at all. This is a tech podcast that has all kinds of clever stickiness to it, like YES-YES-NO, which discusses current memes and sees if they can get to YES-YES-YES.

#8 – Revisionist History – Malcom Gladwell in podcast format? Well, yeah. How can that possibly fail? Can I have seconds?

#9 – Science Vs season 1 and 2 – kind of a pompous conceit. Let’s stop the debate on whether pornography is bad for you, and just let science tell us. What about contact parenting? What about Gun Control? Science Vs aims to bring science into the discussion in order to take the passion out of the debate. Interesting if a bit of a People Magazine take on Science. (ouch, that stung more than I meant it to.)

#10 – Start Up – This one is good, but as I’ve been on the inside of a startup, every single time they start talking about doing pitch decks I twitch. Everytime I flash back to my startup days I break out in a cold sweat. Yes, I join a startup again, but I’m not going to willingly listen to someone else’s chaos for fun. But sometimes they hit it out of the park. So who knows. You may dig it.

There are a ton of other podcasts I have in my back pocket if you want more good ones to look at. (Podcasts like The Nerdist, Codebreaker, Waking up With Sam Harris, What’s the Point, My Brother My Brother & Me, Detective, Invisibilia, Criminal, The Memory Palace, etc etc etc.)

So now that you’ve seen my list. Show me yours! Knowing what I’m digging – hook me up! Like, pronto! I’m about to be sitting in the stands for a Swim Team club practice. Come on! Need your picks pronto!