Jeremy Geddes PSA New Painting Announcement

Jeremy Geddes PSA New Painting Announcement

So, I’ve talked about my absolute adoration for Mr Geddes and his amazing paintings here before. If you don’t know him, he crafts, sculpts, hews, canvass into ultra-realistic paintings of supra-subliminal story rich images. I can’t put it a

Here, here are a few Geddeses if you are curious what I’m freaking out about:

His paintings are sopping with meaning, both implied and overt. And yet, are of ordinary streets. Ordinary houses. But yet of hyperrealistic surrealistic portent. The stories that take residence in his paintings are just needing to be seen to believed.

Regardless. In like 14 hours, Jeremy’s latest print will go on sale for 24 hours. And when the time is up, the run is closed. I have always missed out before, but will not be missing out tomorrow. That is for sure. Here is what the painting for sale will be.

The prints will be just shy of a hundred American each. 130 Australian. A steal. Like I said, this will not phase most of you. But those of you – and you know who you are – that this will touch, I expect adulation and accolades upon your reading this. Also, I have setup an alert to watch for Jeremy’s store page to change. If you want in on that, I am more than happy to help.

Happying Geddes’ing everyone!