THinc Community Forum?

THinc Community Forum?

Out here on THinc. I try my best to find interesting and thought provoking films to talk about. But dang, I’m busy. I still find time to land you guys multiple posts a week – but I wonder if the community would flourish even more than it currently does if I wasn’t a bottleneck. By that I mean, what if you had the opportunity to post interesting movies that you had just seen, in order to find others to discuss the movie with you.

Just thinking out loud currently.Many of you are just now discovering the site for the first time. Which, is really cool. I’m guessing I’ll have over 2 million unique visitors this year. Most though are searching for a very specific movie, they lurk, the may comment once, and then go. But I know that there are like 50 to 100 of you out there that are extremely vested in THinc.  And probably around 30% come back regularly. Which is pretty cool, seeing as though this is just a hobby. Like, a splinter of a hobby of a shadow of a hobby. It’s not even what I spend most of my “fun time” on. (That would be watching movies, reading books, playing video games.) But it’s a ton of fun when I get a chance to hang out and talk about whatever movie it is that is hot right now.

And heck, a community may give me a reason to participate more too! hahah. To see what movies you are all about right now? That would be fascinating. Occasionally you guys give me good ideas. But those moments are rare. What if you could register, and create a thread for Donnie Darko (which I have failed you all on by not posting a detailed review of) or even a different angle of a movie that I have posted about. I wonder if it would be frequented at all? Probably depends on how I promote the threads in the site itself.

Currently investigating what community plugins are even out there. So far I’ve found 4 or 5 really amazing plugins that might add all kinds of features to the site. And once it’s up and running? I dub many of you moderators, and away we go. Hrmmm. Might be a little polyanna-ish in my thinking. But it might be worth a trial run anyway? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic. Could be that similar things happen in the community that happen on the site. 70-80% hit and run. 10-20% watch. And 10% engage really deeply. Which, if we have 2 million people swinging through, could be a half decent conversation over the course of a year. No matter the topic.

But what I love about the THinc. Community that is here, is that by and large you are all very very civil. Disagreements are kind and well thought out. Opinions are varied and the hate is so low. (I did get called an asshole yesterday, but that happens so so rarely that it really isn’t even worth noting.) It really is a rare place that that kind of civility happens on the web. I personally think it should be heralded and celebrated. Maybe even expanded.

I don’t know… thoughts?