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Things have slowed down around here significantly. It’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that we have dirth of quality complicated films to watch and converse about. A couple of months(?) ago I threw out 50 mind job movies to get the conversation started for an ultimate mind job list, and I had so much fun hearing from you guys on what movies you are all about. And while I haven’t actually made that ultimate mind job list yet, (I actually am trying to work my way through all of them before I write that list) I do have a problem.

Here’s my problem. I’m heading out to Haiti again in a day or two and usually when I go abroad I already have piles of movies preloaded and configured on my laptop and iPad Pro to go. But right now? Nada. Well, that’s not entirely true, I do have these few that I got from the Mindjob list: a) Pontypool b) Amelia 2.0 c) When Blackbirds Fly d) The Rapture (’91) e) Reconstruction. When I look through these 5 I think Pontypool, Reconstruction, and Amelia seem the most intriguing… no? Do I have that all backwards?

And my next question to the wider pool of you is, what other movies are out there that I haven’t written about or we haven’t talked about in the comments?  Or even if you just want to re-highlight one of your favorites. That’s fine too. A great resource definitely to check first is the mind job list that we have started already. That might just blow your mind and help you find an armful of interesting movies that are worth your time. This community is big enough now that I know we can come to each other’s aid when we have a man down. And right now, we definitely have a man down! And don’t worry about if a movie is in theaters or on video. We can make this a wider discussion than just beyond my little trip.

I recently almost bought a new domain – don’t want to tell you which, because then you’ll steal it and then what am I going to do? – just for t he sole purpose of keeping a list of movies that we find here. But then I bogged down on finding a wordpress template that was just a flipping list! But that would be such a great resource. A place to go where we just curate a list of quality movies. Not Hollywood quality. But thinking man’s movies that are worth recommending to friends. Just saying. Maybe I’ll work on that if I can find a stupid theme. (So yeah, if you have theme ideas too, let me know! I’m just looking for an SEO optimized, fast wordpress theme, that can either be a single page list, or maybe the post page just has a few of the details with a link to here? Not really much. Just need a place that is easy to navigate and review for knew movies you haven’t seen yet. Make sense?)

Anyway… thanks gang. And dude, if you have connections in Hollywood, or better yet, the independent film circuit, tell them to step on it! Holy cow. Where’d all the good movies go?!? I do need to go see suburbicon. Any of you seen it already? Seems definitely worth while. Alright, signing off. Back the movie truck up!


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  1. Happy Pancake

    Have you (or has anyone reading this) seen:

    Battle of Memories
    Infinity Chamber
    2307: Winter’s Dream
    Anti Matter
    Paradox Alice

    I have not seen any yet but have seen previews and they look interesting.

  2. Happy Pancake

    …and just watched on Netflix: Monsters. It’s not a mind jobber but it is a good little alien movie. Unique.

    • Ned

      Although I’ve not seen any of the sci-fi movies on your list, after watching trailers and checking out Rotten Tomatoes percentages, there’s a few which piqued interest like the first on your list, “Battle of Memories” which seems to initially borrow premise of the classic movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” but takes a dark turn.

      I appreciate your sharing of a sci-fi movie list and am looking forward to watching the first movie, “Battle of Memories”, which subjectively previews most intriguingly.

    • Ned

      Gareth Edwards made this independent, budget movie, “Monsters”, and did all the CGI work, then directed the newest “Godzilla” (I’m a ‘zilla nerd haha!) so, heck ya!, a good Netflix monster movie to check out. Thanks again, Happy Pancake:-D

      • Taylor Holmes

        Gareth’s Monsters is an almost perfect movie. I saw it years ago when it first came out and I told everyone I could about it. NO ONE WATCHED IT BECAUSE OF THE LAME TITLE. No one.

        Monsters. Seriously Taylor? Really? No thanks.

        I just posted my review of Resolution, which was intriguing. But not great. I was just about to hit play on Reconstruction… but I have a feeling I’m going to need to take lots of notes and I’m absolutely not in the mood. Hrmm.

  3. Ned

    Smiling atcha, Taylor, because you’re a man on an important mission at this time and have more profound matters on your mind.

    I’ve always been intrigued by movie sound effects. For example, some of the most gory or gross scenes in movies are accomplished by the sound effect of tearing a head of lettuce apart.

    There’s not a more familiar, iconic roar than Godzilla’s and perhaps some folks wonder how it was produced. Here’s a link which entertainingly explains how the most recent Godzilla roar was created. It doesn’t really differ much from past roars nor would it have been wise to change the iconic yell of Godzilla…anyway, here’s the article with videos:

  4. jeff runnels

    Stumbled on a streak of great (and close) movies lately: Nocturama, Good Time and Lady Macbeth (which you already reviewed). Guy Madden’s Keyhole, also recent viewing (not his best but still damned inventive).

    Stumbled on your website after watching Super Dark Time! My take on the ending, although I’d have to watch again to solidify my theory, Allison is the embodiment of evil and the cause for all the (male) mayhem. It’s always the woman’s fault! 🙂

    Since I mentioned Nocturama, Bonnello’s (a fantastic director) earlier work, House of Tolerance (if you can find it) is also fantastic…


    • Pippa

      Jeff, your comment, “It’s always the woman’s fault” reminds me of a French saying, “Cherchez la femme”:

      Also, came to mind the song recorded years ago by Dr. Buzzard and the Original Savannah Band or the better sounding YouTube track by Kid Creole and the Coconuts:

      So many little things to acquire in this world if one is born curious and reads, listens, learns vociferously. Trivia Pursuit games and crosswords are so easy to solve. Alas, no higher paying job or better life guaranteed haha!

      Anyway, I’m interested in watching the movies on your list.

      • jeff runnels

        Thanks for the reply! Never heard the French phrase but it does fit with my tongue-in-cheek comment about Super Dark Times. If I recall correctly the two main characters, Zach and Josh, both reveal their attraction to Allison and she could (possibly) be seen as playing them against each other. So it makes sense that she would be the one on in the final scene attempting to ensnare a new immature and unformed male

        Or something like that. I’d have to rewatch the movie with that in mind to see if it
        really works that way!

  5. Dan T

    Fell into your site trying to prove to my wife why Personal Shopper is a super-amazing-fantastic movie… and your movie taste is eerily similar to mine (though I can’t quite agree on It Comes At Night).

    Anyway, if you haven’t already seen it you NEED to watch the HBO series The Leftovers… the last season in particular is extraordinary TV. Just think of it as a 30 hour movie a la Berlin Alexanderplatz.


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