5th Annual Gifts for Geeks and Grammarians 2017

5th Annual Gifts for Geeks and Grammarians 2017

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! And boy do I love stupid clever crap. I don’t get any affiliate love, or any love generally at all, for bringing these lists to you each year. But I still do it because I personally love finding what cool new, crazy geek stuff is out there in the market. (Ok, maybe a few of the items on the list are designed by me, but that is 100%, totally and completely, beside the point.) But it always cracks me up when my wife and children say you are so hard to buy for. What? How is that physically possible, anything from these lists are always going to be a hit with an über-geek. Promise. So if your SO is a tech-dweeb or a lit-savant, then maybe something on this list will work for them.

Want to see my previous years lists? You can snag them herehere and here and here. I’ve even done mother’s day and father’s day editions… I love doing these lists. Got another item I ought to add to the list? Add it in the comments.

Mini-Pacman– $19.99
Maybe, quite possibly, almost definitely, the greatest item I’ve included on any of my previous lists ever. Think of it, owning a fullon working Pacman arcade edition? Heck, not a fane of Pac-man, it also comes in Mrs. Pacman and Space Invaders. There will soon even be a Galaxian edition as well. And for $20 per? Buy all of them!
Godzilla Squaring of With King Kong in 1904 – on sale now
Godzilla vs. King Kong at the New York City Brooklyn Bridge. Full stop. Oh, wait. In 1904. I am not kidding you. 1904. You weren’t aware that these two bad-ass guys had been squaring off since 1904, but that’s ok. Now you know. And knowing? Yeah, it’s half the battle. Even better yet? I designed it. Took me over 100 hours to accomplish and is my most complex retro godzilla print so far. Want to see my other Godzilla prints?
Azio Retro Mechanical Keyboard– $89
Oh oh oh how I love mechanical keyboards. I own like 12 I’m sure. But this azio? Takes the cake. The retro keys are so fantastic while still providing that glorious clackety clack – I’m working here, don’t bother me – sound. Which could possibly be the most  fantastic sound ever.
gifts-for-geeks-bibliophant-t-shirt Bibliophant T-Shirt – $21
No idea what to get that reader in the family? Then get her a Bibliophant t-shirt. No idea what a bibliophant is? No worries, I don’t either, and I created the loveable little guy. But I’m sure your elphantine reader (see what I did there?) will know!
Steampunk USB Thumbdrive – $39+
File storage? Sneakernetting. Meh. I really don’t do much of that anymore. Everything is in the cloud now-a-days. But I still have to have one of these Steampunk USB thumb drives because, hello? This thing is awesome.
A Model Cheetah – $32+
The best models are animals. So instead of the latest Hollywood hunk, or the latest runway model, why not put this model Cheetah on your wall instead?
Team Oxford Comma Decal – $4.95
I am an enormous Oxford Comma fan. I probably don’t ever get it right here on the site, because I don’t edit, but I intend to! hahah. Anyway, if you are a big Oxford Comma fan like myself, or heck if you wish you were an Oxford fan, or even better, if you don’t even know what an Oxford Comma is, but you know your spouse does? This decal is for you.
Whom Cell Phone Case, Cause Duh – $22
Title says it all folks. Title says it all.
grammarians-unite Grammarians Unite! – $20
Sometimes, we grammarians feel alone and out numbered… so I figured, why not design a symbol for all of us to unite under? Thus this t-shirt, which will make a fantastic Christmas gift this year for your über grammar geek friend or loved one.
Bioluminescent Aquarium – $15+
This? Oh, this is nothing. Just a tiny bioluminescent plankton aquarium. Lacking the occasional natural spark in your life?  Then this is the gift for you and that beautiful someone in your life. Basically the plankton will subtly glow and illuminate this spherical environment when you gently swirl it. Somehow I need to figure out how to get these guys in the bathtub with me!
  Unicorn Meat – $5
Yup. Nope. I got nothin for ya here. It’s Unicorn Meat.
Solar Fairy Jar – $900
There’s nothing quite like a piece of furniture that’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Another boring coffee table? No thank you. Now imagine, placing your coffee onto a table that lets you play Pong… ATARI pong, except it’s not digital, it’s real-life pong with moving pixelated balls and paddles. Only thing better than this would be a Dragon’s Lair full sized Arcade game…
3 Panda Hustle – $32+
These three pandas aren’t any sort of bamboo eating sedentary type panda. Nope, these pandas hustle. And you can add them to your man-cave, office, master bedroom… over the headboard of your bed. See? I’m always looking out for you. We geeks need to stick together.
gifts-for-geeks-urban-animals-tangs Urban Animals Tangs Invade New York – $40
Everyone wants a high quality print of enormous urban animals hanging in their office. These bright yellow Tangs will brighten any day as you watch them swim through the enormous high rises of New York. You know you want one.

I’d keep dropping more love your direction, but I’ve thrown up twice during the creation of this post over the course of the afternoon. Haiti was not kind to me at all. 1 ER visit, 40 vials of blood later, and 27 different infectious disease tests later and I’m just slowly starting to be on the mend. It’s been a rough week. Think like 4 days straight of zero food and one of those days was Thanksgiving! hahah Good times. I could barely handle ice chips. So yeah, I had two different ER hops for fluids. I’ve literally had 4 IV ports going at once this week. Total? 8 or 9? Anyway. Wanted to get this out there to spread the …… joy.

There isn’t too much geek and grammarian love in the world, keep helping me spread the geek-love!
See you guys next year!