Currently On a World Cup Distracted Vacation

Hey Gang…

seeing as though this is a one man operation, and a hobby at that, I am going to be posting fewer articles than normal over the next little bit.

Currently am driving somewhere in northern Maine? And am thoroughly in the thick of it… searching for the ever illusive national state park in its natural habitat with my kids. Apparently when your kids are in 4th grade they are given a free pass to all of the national parks throughout the country. And my kids? They are determined to hit them all. Two years ago we carpet bombed most of the west coast and on over to Colorado. Think along the lines of Muir Woods and the like. (Maybe I talked about it some here?) And now that we have another child in fourth grade we are off to do it again. And since we are adopting to awesome boys out of Haiti, that happen to be to younger than our current 4th grader, I’d be surprised if the family drops the tradition any time soon.

But what that means to me though, is, crappy wi-fi that doesn’t allow for Netflixing or streaming of any sort. (Not to mention my bandwidth is blitzkrieged downloading worldcup games – ok, so maybe this is a truer truth than my initial vacation excuse… but I digress). And long days driving, hiking, Niagara fallsing, Liberty Belling, mountain climbing, beaching and the likes.

As soon as I get an hour or two to watch anything, I’ll be watching Christine’s movie suggestion the Fall (actually a number of you have suggested it as well I believe – Vallie Pence, Rob and Erik, have suggested it in the last 3 months or so? But who’s counting? Just haven’t gotten around to it. WHat!? Gah. Hehehe.) Oh, and I’ll also be  trying to get on top of your all of your movie suggesting happening in that little red tab at the bottom of your screen. (You should check it out, I’ll be sure to disappoint you soon enough. Give me a chance!)

Let’s be 100% honest here. I’ll lay out my days for you. 2,000 miles of driving. Hiking during the day. At night, 3 World Cup games. 2 am, crash. 7am, wakeup with the kids. Acadia State Park. All day hustling. Do it again. So yeah. While I happen to be on vacation. The real, 100% truth as to why you aren’t getting updates? The World Cup. Every 4 years level of brilliance. So there you have it, see you on the other side…