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Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you
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Oh YES! I am so stoked about this particular moment in the history of the entire universe. Why, you ask? Oh great random denizen of the World Wide Web? Because because because my new favorite friend… I have an awesome movie – NO! – I have TWO awesome movies to bring to you today!! So über excited right now. So, let’s away, shall we, and begin walking through my six possible theories to explain the movie the endless to you!!

But first, I want to tell you just a little bit about this site, who I am and what this is all about. Why? Because the odds are about 80% on target that you’ve never heard of my little hole in the wall site before. So, Welcome! Right now though, I am sitting on the balcony of a beach house overlooking Long Beach Island’s northern shore. The sun is coming up, I’ve got the song ‘Raindance’ by Vairo on repeat, I have a pot of coffee going, and I have an awesome awesome awesome movie(s) to talk to you about today. So yeah! All is right in the world. Who am I? And what is THiNC. about? I am strange bloke that adores off beat, independent movies that are complicated and difficult to decipher. I am sick and tired of yet another Marvel movie, where Hollywood is only out to pad it’s stock value and nothing more. Nope. I prefer movies by Shane Carruth, Taylor Sheridan, the Duplass Brothers, Christopher Nolan, and the like. Movies that have the tendency to rearrange the grey matter in your brain.

Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you - Aaron and Justin head to the camp

With those introductions out of the way, what do we have to talk about? Oh nothing… just a mind blowing movie entitled The Endless, that has completely uncorked my brain. But to explain, I have to back up. Ok? But trust me, it’ll be worth it. The movie The Endless, is actually a sequel to the movie Resolution. And that movie was so convoluted and confusing that I crafted five different theories to understand it. But come to find out? My favorite theory was completely and totally wrong. But I only know that now because of The Endless.

My first recommendation to you – if you have seen The Endless and don’t understand it? Go back and watch Resolution, then read my discussion of that movie… THEN come back here and read my write up of The Endless. And then! All will be clear. I absolutely, 100% promise you. Even though these are two of the single most complicated movies ever… it’ll all be clear. Heck, if you are just a regular reader of THiNC. and have never heard of either movie?! You are in for a treat:

Resolution is a simple movie premise. Mike stages an intervention for his junkie friend Chris. But mid-intervention, some really really crazy things start to happen out in the woods. Videos of themselves in the past, the future, and present start turning up, causing them to start wondering what the heck is going on? Are they going insane? Have the woods come alive? You have to watch it and find out before you move on to The Endless. Personally? I wouldn’t watch this trailer for Endless… Just go find Resolution – then find The Endless, and watch.


At the end of Resolution, we learn that Mike and his junkie friend Chris are caught in a never ending time loop. And that some malevolent demigod wants them both to capitulate, and to serve them endlessly in a loop. (Or, actually, that is how I see Resolution ending now that I’ve seen The Endless. At the end of this The Endless overview, I will go back through my five original theories in order to see which one still holds water. Totally cannot wait!)

The Setup Of The Endless

The movie The Endless, jumps backwards in time (or forwards, it really doesn’t matter) a bit and picks up with two minor characters from Resolution. Justin (played by Justin Benson, who is the writer and co-director) and Aaron (played by Aaron Scott Moorhead, who is also the co-director), who were two proselytizing members of a nearby UFO Cult group. Well, in The Endless, we see the two brothers, sitting by a lake (which was in Echo Park in Los Angeles, some other time I will tell you about my fun as a kid in the overflow tunnels in and under that park – but wow, I digress.) and talking about how difficult their lives have been since leaving the cult 10 years ago. Later we learn that their mother passed away in a fiery car crash, and the two brothers joined a cult living in the countryside of California. Years later though, the two brothers have enough, and they escape, only to grow disenchanted. Aaron, wanting closure on their time in the group, convinces Justin to go back for just a day or two.

When they get back to the camp, lots and lots of weirdness is happening of varying stripes and colors. There’s that guy that doesn’t talk, he just smiles constantly. There is that old friend that just storms through the camp not acknowledging anyone’s presence. There are the other camp members that don’t seem to have aged at all. Just plenty of strangeness, but at the same time, the camp is forgiving of their earlier exit. They are accepting. And Aaron finds the whole experience to be very welcoming.

Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you

The Endless Takes a Darker Turn

But when Justin heads off to go for a run, things go from weird to foreboding. As he reaches a certain spot on the trail near several volcanic totems, the sky dims, a nearby trailer jumps, a tree falls, clouds of dust billow out of nowhere, and photos of the lake buoy. And nearby is a tent, with a clock repeating every 5 seconds, and a man running and screaming inside continuously on a loop. (Want a real mind job factoid? The man in the tent? His credited name is ‘Early 1900’s Man.’ Whoa!)

As Justin is heading back he comes across a crying woman. That woman? Her name is Jennifer Danube. Any bells? Nope, me neither. She is the wife if Michael Danube. Now any bells? Nope. Me neither. Michael Danube was the man from the first movie, that went in search of Chris to pose an intervention. Yeah… exactly. My mind exploded too. So what is Jennifer doing here? Sitting on the stairs, crying? Apparently, she came looking for her husband here, when he disappeared. And when she came through, Hal found her and told her that it would take some time, but that they would find her husband. She says, “It’s been a few. It’s been a few… I’m going to go lay back down.”

Anyway, when Justin asks the leader of the group, Hal (played by Tate Ellington), what the photo(s) might mean, he tells Justin to go out to the buoy, swim to the bottom and bring up what he finds there. He also sees two moons – an “atmospheric mirroring effect”, that signals the coming of the third moon and the “ascension”. So Justin and Aaron head out to the buoy and bring up a box with a cassette… a cassette of the two of them, Justin and Aaron proselytizing. (Was that video from the first movie? Looked like it to me. Or maybe it was cut footage?)

During an argument between Aaron, Justin, and Hal, we learn that Justin, after they left, began spreading lies about the group. That they were UFO nuts. That they castrated all the members. And when Aaron learns that these things aren’t true, he decides to stay, as Justin storms off to leave. But the car won’t start. And Justin is stranded.  But he finds Carl, the man that has refused to acknowledge Justin and Aaron at any point during their visit and things go all sorts of pear shaped. Because there, standing in front of him? Is a hanged version of himself as another Carl is ranting and raving about connected time pods, looping endlessly without end. Carl then draws a map showing the various time pods in the area, and tells him to go find the “gun nut tweaker”, an obvious reference to Chris from the first movie.

The Endless Blows Your Mind And Loops Back On Itself

So, Justin heads over to the trailer where the first movie was shot. And there are Chris and Mike, with Chris handcuffed to the wall just like the first movie all over again. They are obviously trapped in a time loop. They never got out after the first movie’s set of events. But the two characters posit a theory of an infinite number of colors, and that some being has way more rods in its eyes than we do. And that this being shows us what it is seeing.

Then we see Chris tell Justin to never give in to the monster. Never once. Everyone is horrified. But don’t give in. If you give in a single time it’s going to control you over and over again. Mike also tells Justin that we can never anticipate the ways in which we will isolate ourselves from the ones that we love. And with that, Mike goes and gets gasoline, and lights the house on fire and heads inside.

Justin leaves Mike and Chris behind, and goes to find Aaron. But when he finds Aaron, Aaraon is so offended by the ways in which Justin couldn’t care less about him, that he decides that he’d rather stay. That he’d rather die endlessly there in the camp than to live the horrible life his brother has forced him to live. And this, my friends is the key lesson that Justin needs to learn to survive the monster. This is the key detail of the entire movie if you hadn’t noticed.

Regardless, Justin and Aaron leave the gun for Carl. Carl shoots himself and then comes right back. And when Justin and Aaron head back into the camp, everyone is gone. But off in the distance, they see the small cabin that has always been locked is now unlocked, and when they go inside they see thousands of video and audio recordings. Super 8 reels. Audio cassettes. VHS tapes. CDs. All with different labels from different periods of time. The TV begins to play and shows them themselves from the vantage point of the creature in different periods of their return to the camp.

Now, Aaron and Justin leave the cabin, and head out to the campfire, they find clothes, and fragments, from all the cult members who have disappeared. Justin and Aaron sit down, and Justin tells Aaron that he’d feel guilty the rest of his life if he left his brother there. So he agrees to stay. Aaron, feeling validated and important to his brother for the first time, agrees to leave with him. With that, the monster awakes, hell-bent on keeping them here forever. So Justin and Aaron have to jump start the car in order to get it to start. And as they gun for the camp exit, they see the last two volcanic shibboleths that could keep them eternally looping forever in the camp.

Cut to the cross where their mother died – implying that they were back at the beginning again. But instead, their car goes blasting past, they are free! And there stand the cult members, at the edge of the camp, staring wistfully as Aaron and Justin escape.

Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you

Possible Theories to Explain The Endless and Resolution

When I completed my review of Resolution, I gave five theories to explain the movie. I am going to revisit those theories here, now that we have way more to go on, in order to see which one of my original theories holds water:

Original Theory #1 – Michael Is The Insane One

“Personally? My favorite theory is Chris’ first theory, which is that Michael is the insane one here. He’s the one placing the items and pre-recording them in advance. He’s the unreliable narrator. It’s Michael that is the one that needs to get into therapy sooner rather than later.”

Remember when we first watched Resolution? It wasn’t exactly clear what was going on. Not at all. And actually, it could have been that it was Michael – the intervening friend, on Chris’ behalf – that was the truly insane one of the two. I theorized that Michael was the one that was leaving the videos for the two of them, but that he just didn’t know that he was doing it. Multiple Personality Disorders chaos, and what not.

Issues with Theory #1 After The Endless 

Well, apparently, Justin Benson – the screenplay author of both movies had a much bigger vision for this world than ‘Michael is insane’ apparently. There is no possible way that this theory holds absolutely any water whatsoever after seeing The Endless. Like, I can’t even give you a possible explanation for how this theory could hold together in light of The Endless. I’d try if I thought there was any way whatsoever. But alas.

Original Theory #2 – It’s That Druggy French Researcher

“If anyone is capable, and interested enough, to Punk Michael and Chris, well, it’s definitely that French researcher. Who could be recording and delivering the videos? Who is that is strange enough, and interested enough, to try and freak these two guys out? It’s the French researcher, Byron.”

In Resolution, while Chris is handcuffed to the wall, Michael heads off and finds an mobile home where Byron, a French researcher, has lived for years and years. Apparently, there were two other researchers, but Byron seems to lead Michael to believe that the two other researchers were looking for monsters and found it in themselves. That the area isn’t haunted, but that it requires stories, beginning, middles, and endings of stories. And after the other two researchers killed each other it left Byron to harvest the red drug (which, we find out that the cult calls it ‘The Endless’. Coincidence? You tell me.) by himself while awaiting their possible return. Could it be that this French researcher is the secret behind the entire movie?

Issues with Theory #2 After The Endless

One of the most interesting omissions in The Endless, after Resolution, was Byron, the French researcher. Justin and Aaron visit the trailer where he lived, but a sign is up saying that he was out looking for his co-workers. I thought they’d killed each other looking for monsters? The fact that Byron wasn’t even in the movie sort of takes the wind out of this theory’s sails all by itself.

Original Theory #3 – The Odds and End theory

At this point I was grasping at straws and I wondered if maybe the Crazy UFO Cultists were to blame. Or maybe it was the Indians as a result of their burial ground spiritualism.

Issues with Theory #3 After The Endless

There were so many threads going on in Resolution that it was hard to keep track. Case in point? The Endless was 100% about the UFO Cultists that was just one small thread of Resolution. AN ENTIRE MOVIE made out of one little thread. So obviously we were all confused as to what was going on here. But as we learned, Aaron and Justin (level 3.0 and 2.5 cultists) were not the cause of the mysterious goings on in either movie.

Original Theory #4 – Generic Looping Theory

“I don’t have much here. But we have seen lately, a number of looping movies here on taylorholmes.com. Stay, Frequencies, Ghost Story, you know the drill. You hit the end, and you find yourself back at the beginning again. Could it be a Sisyphean thing? A Nietzschean conundrum. Maybe it’s just their sins catching up with them and forcing them to loop back over their time all over again. But basically the theory here is that evil, some evil that Michael and Chris have committed, are forcing them back to the beginning again.”

Issues with Theory #4 After The Endless

Actually, this theory is the most correct theory of the five I posited. I’ll explain more after I finish walking through the theories I had conjectured about for Resolution. But keep this one in your back pocket as we finish up these theories.

Original Theory #5 – The Muse Theory

“In this version or vantage, the movie is actually about the muse. It’s about that Greek goddess of inspiration. And then it is about creative desire and our own critical spirit. But more specifically, it is about Justin Benson, the screenplay author of Resolution. It’s about his war within himself to create a movie that is a quality movie. It’s about the movie character, the screenplay author, who is now the demon, the hellspawn that is the movie ending. And it is the screenplay characters, that are looking up off of the page, to their god, their creator, and saying to Justin… was that good enough? We can go again. Really we can.”

Issues with Theory #5 After Endless

I really really liked this theory after Resolution. I loved this meta-theory that stepped out of the story and interacted with the creator of the story simultaneously as a horrific demigod. But after watching Endless? Nope. Doesn’t even come close. And I’ll explain why below.

The Endless & Resolution Theory to Rule Them All – The Time Pod Theory

So my fourth theory from Resolution was the closest to the mark. It seemed to me, at the time, like the theory that Justin was leading us in with his screenplay. But I go my own way more often than not! hahah. But with The Endless, Justin and Aaron have made it abundantly clear that they really really have this thing mapped out and clearly headed in a very specific direction. And that direction is the Time Pod Theory.

We get the first clear picture of the Time Pod Theory when Justin meets up with Carl when he was trying to leave the camp. Carl is going on and on about “A bunch of looping prisons”, “shitty little pods of time.” And then from then on out we quickly learn a number of rules that make the time pod prisons work. Let’s see if we can pull some of the rules together, some are guesses, others more grounded in fact:

  1. The volcanic shibboleths demarcate the time pod prison boundaries.
  2. Once trapped in a prison it is impossible to leave (as far as we know).
  3. The longer you are in a time pod, the shorter your loop becomes.
  4. Shibboleth walls are not see through to the trapped.
  5. Suicide can create overlapping looping paradoxes.
  6. But generally suicide restarts the time loop.
  7. If you ever back down to the time pod prisoner god you will be trapped.

I’m sure there are more rules for how the pods work. But I’ll be 100% honest, I am completely unclear as to how suicide effects one’s time in the pod. We see Carl hanging, and we also see him talking to Justin. But other deaths cause a reboot of the loop. Or, if they splat at the end of their loop? For example… the man in the tent (Mr. Early 1900’s man). That seems to be right.

I grabbed a screenshot of the pods from the movie, and then drew over them so that we can see them a little more clearly.

Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you - the time pods of The Endless

And based on the rules we saw, the photo above, and the separations, I believe there were five different time pods we were shown. Not only that, but they contained the following people:

  1. Jennifer Danube
  2. Michael Danube and Chris Daniels
  3. Early 1900’s Man
  4. Carl
  5. The Rest of the Cult

And the only way we can figure this list out above is by paying attention to which characters were not allowed to be in scenes with others. Jennifer is always at her own house, crying, awaiting Hal to help her find Michael. Michael and Chris are locked in the same loop they were in before. Tent man, or Early 1900’s Man, is violently looping every 5 seconds. Carl storms around his loop in circles and is only seen when Justin is out for a run or in his shed. And then you have the rest of the Cult, within the main area of the camp. We also learned, that the French Researcher, Byron can’t have been locked in a loop, as he left a note saying that he had left to look for the other researchers. (Which, to be completely honest, doesn’t make sense, like, at all.) But I’m betting a million dollars that Bill Oberst just couldn’t make it for the filming. But then I would have just left him out. But maybe that’s just me.

Six Possible Theories to explain the movie The Endless to you

Final Thoughts on The Endless

Justin is an amazing writer. This is a fact. I have just learned this team has another movie entitled Spring? That has suddenly just shifted to the top of my watch list after this movie. I remember really enjoying Resolution. It was so smart, and intriguing, and yet so so open ended as to be nearly incomprehensible! (Which, I don’t mind.) But with the addition of The Endless, Resolution should just be seen as a single film. One 220 minute movie. Yes, they can each be enjoyed separately. Yes, they both stand on their own. But they are multipliers better when dolloped together.

One of my favorite movies of all time, and the movie I recommend here to people more than any other, is The One I Love. Both movies have this prison portal concept wrapped inside each other. Both talk about reconciling and affirming one another before you can leave. But both are infinitely different too. The Endless takes an intriguing concept originally posited in Resolution, and shows that Justin and Aaron had a deeper, bigger vision for the idea than even I could have guessed at. Personally? I hope to see a final movie to make a trilogy. Maybe an attempt to release the trapped people in the pods? Maybe the time pods god expanding his prison cells into the city? I don’t know. But I do know that there are more stories to be told in this universe. That much is for sure.

So there you have it gang, The Endless movie explained in six possible theories. Thanks everyone for tipping me to this movie. Lawrence, Maddie, Lauren… you guys are gods among men. Fantastic movie recommendation!! What did you guys think of these two movies? What was I missing?

edited by: CY

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33 Responses

  1. Justin Benson

    This is a fascinating read for me. Thank you for this! Also, you’ll probably be interested to know that your loop borders and Byron stuff isn’t quite correct, but there’s almost no way it could be. Thank you again!!!

    • Taylor Holmes

      Look. I’m not a mean person. I don’t kick dogs. I don’t steal from the cups of blind beggars. I generally do my best to help old women crossing the street, and kids with their stuck kittens in the tree. I am, on the whole, a fairly decent chap.

      So I don’t understand why one of you random (and quite mean) internet denizens would have me on like this. To act is if you are the one and only (REAL) Justin Benson and to speak to me pedantically no less about this amazing movie. (“That your loop borders aren’t quite correct” no less!!) Cheeky. Truly cheeky.

      I’ll have you know, mister random internet imposter, that I truly have had a number of movie directors contact me exactly as you did here. Nacho Vigilante, Bradley King, Phil Hay, etc. But no. I won’t allow you – mister mean guy, you – to tease me like that. Gah!

      (But, if you are Mr. Benson. The true, one and only, Mr. Justin Benson, then um… please grant me one infinite apologies kind sir. I am dreadfully sorry. Oh and by the way, not to look like a heel genuflecting at ghosts, but if you wouldn’t mind giving me a chance to ask you a few pointed questions about how the world works, I’d appreciate it very much! Especially would love to understand the rules of the pods, the heads exploding, the suicides and how they cause doubles and others not. I’d like to understand if the longer the person is trapped the quicker the loop goes. BETTER YET, if I am in a loop, and someone not in a loop walks in, are they now in my loop forever? Or is that a one time glitch? A reprieve from the monotony of every other loop? I have a million of them… and may just badger you to death if you are legit! hahaha.)

      Cough Cough. Now. Listen you! Cough. Go on, shoo. Go away. (Unless of course… you know.)

  2. Geoff

    I love this movie. If THE Justin Benson did actually post here to say that your theories are wrong I am more than intrigued. Let me just add something. Did the birds seen after Justin and Aaron ‘escaped’ not indicate that they were still in a loop? Possibly the longest loop yet? How could they not still be in a loop? They lived in the cult for a long period of time. From another perspective that shot of the time bubbles might have shown a massive bubble. The bubble that Justin and Aaron were in.

  3. Mike

    I love debates about awesome movies like this (and wish there was more like them) so with the theory that Jennifer is caught in her own bubble separate from the cult members how were the post it notes being stuck everywhere saying ‘be quiet’ and thought it unusual that Mike mentioned it, seems like a key bit of information in the movie but possibly not. But clearly either Jennifer can go into the camp or they are posted by another person or the entity. It’s a strange one.

  4. Taylor

    Mike. Brilliant. We literally need to map each person’s radius, or circuit capability. Can’t think of what to call it. Pod circumference isn’t right. And the image we are given that I sketched on isn’t right either… apparently.

    Didn’t she leave those notes in their cabin… which were reachable by others in the cult, no? So, with just that one data point I’d say they are more like hamster habit trails or whatever? Interconnecting somehow?

    And by the way… that definitely was Justin… but now he’s being coy. So if he isn’t going to help, anyone else got any better ideas on how the pods might work? Because I have it wrong apparently.

  5. Mike

    That was Justin? Fair play, hit me up Justin, get me out of my dead end job so I can create a masterpiece like The Endless! 🙂

    Taylor, yeah they were in the cabin twice and also in the cult meeting hall, happened regular enough that it surely had some intention to help explain things. Heres a couple more things I thought after your thought provoking effort to explain things, but first I need to ask a couple question as I may of missed that info. You say the loops get smaller over time? Is that why the 1900’s man is only seconds long? Was that confirmed or opinion?

    Ok onto the conundrums, bear in mind I haven’t seen Resolution though:

    1) Jennifer and Hal have met as Hal offered help in finding Mike so I’m assuming she is trapped in their bubble, was she the one riding off on a bike somewhere though or was she at the fire pit at the end? And shitty Carl I think wanders around a fairly large area, out the compound at the start and when Justin shouted to him but just found his trainer. Good idea on mapping it as the cultists certainly look like they cannot leave that area.

    2) This one really gets me. When shitty Carl kills himself he is instantly back but is AWARE of his predicament being stuck in the loop. However when Mike torches the house and restarts the loop with Justin watching they both seem completely unaware that the loop has restarted unlike shitty Carl and the rest of the cultists. Yet Mike did confirm they had been stuck in the loop for some time so they were aware. You could argue the reset removed their knowledge of that but that wasn’t the same for all of the rest including the poor old 1900’s man. (Fate worse than working as a cleaner that Justin!) 😉

    3) If the cultists are in a 10 year loop and Justin and Aaron left just before the reset when they were younger and returned just before the reset why would the cultists still not age the 10 years? It’s still time so to speak and they would be reset 10 years younger but as Justin said in the film they hadn’t aged at all.

    Well either they are intended or not and I’m barking up the wrong tree, either way it takes nothing away from the film but still great to look for answers even though the message from the film got across which again was superbly thought out.

    Mike out

  6. Mike

    My comments have gone? Just watched Resolution, another good watch, defo key point with that line at the end ‘Can we try another way’ Uber!

  7. Dak Wexler

    Byron said he’d gone to the borders I think, implying he was trapped in his own loop. The caravan also appears out of nowhere. I’d love to know what the Ecuador comment was about in Resolution.

  8. Crate

    I just watched this tonight and I’m looking everywhere for someone talking about Lizzie! She says she was at a hospital or institution down the road and just sort of wandered into camp and stayed because it was better. She mentions she was obsessed with Chris for a while. She’s moved between loops. She even draws pictures of the “god”. Why is this not being discussed?

  9. Chris T

    I will admit, I’m frustrated. What is wonderfully unique about this site, is that it ultimatley is the one consistent portal where I can go to get the very best ‘deciphers’ – for what are otherwise very complicated movies. Taylor (and the comes more from those fan/minion comments) provides an engineer-level analysis and breakdown of possible theories. Usually with a strong leaning towards a domiant theory. For those of us who love these complicated films, but who are also of an empirical mind (and thus, we seek explanations, clarity, and yes… answers), there is no other site like this one on all the www. With this film The Endless, I went into this having read nothing. All I knew was that it was up at the top of the MTMYT list. I was excited. I’ll say this. It was the kind of film you start and you can’t stop watching. Very well paced. But as I got deeper into the film, I found I just got more confused and flustered. I scribbled some notes, wrote down some wicked cool quotes from the characters, stuff that I thought would come back to hit home… I developed some theories, but they were weak ones. And when the film finished, my theories were toast! So, first thing I did was read Taylor’s breakdown. And Good lord, I had to read THAT a few times to have it seep in properly. 6 theories is a LOT of theories. But then, I go and read the comments, and Justin himself chimes in, and God bless his film-maker heart, he sorta rains on our parade. As I’ve noticed he does in the other online interviews (along with his partner Aaron), they wax esoteric, abstruse, recondite, about the meaning. They keep saying we and others are not quite on the target; They repeatedly say that the technical ‘meaning’ can be found within the film But come on guys, don’t hang us out on a limb, don’t make this a calculus problem to solve. I want Justin to embrace the intent of this website; I want him to have an actual interview with Taylor, and give us some helpful pointers as to where to look for those ‘meaning lamp-posts’. Otherwise, Taylor’s 6 possible theories (and the other theories semi-alluded to by Justin and Aaron in other interviews) end up becoming a jumbled, foggy, muddled mess of best guesses. I really enjoyed the movie on some levels, but I feel almost upset that nobody has solved this calculus problem (and remember, Justin says the ‘answer’ is technically contained in the film. I’m wondering how many more times should I watch this with my hand on the pause/rewind/playback button? Submit to that interview, Justin and Aaron! To quote Arnie… do eeeet!
    One idea I had… we need an advanced mathmetician to study a screen shot of the chalkboard with the formula on it, and maybe that’s the closest thing to an answer. Justin and Aaron. This site is about providing passionate decoding. So, enough of the ‘coy’ thing… submit to a questionarie with Taylor, and help us fans of your movie reach towards some better understand (as you the creators conceived).

  10. Taylor Holmes

    I can see on the site’s backend that Justin is subscribed to comments on this post. WHICH MEANS, you just emailed the guy to his personal inbox. hehehe. So, good on you mate! That was about as from the heart as it gets!

    But I will say this. I am doing an interview with Thomas Woodrow right now about his brilliant movie, “We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew”, and the cool thing about it? His movies are intentionally filled with unanswered questions and mystery he can’t even answer. And so, when he asked if we could chat about his movie, he made the condition that we wouldn’t spoil it by discussing the “formula”, or the grand unifying theory. For which, I was happy enough to oblige the guy of course. Justin, I’d do the same if you were up to chat about it.

    But Chris, if you and I made a movie that was tricky like this one… the best, most practical thing that you and I could do would be to stir the pot for those looking for answers. But I wouldn’t give any, right? Has Christopher Nolan discussed whether the top falls or not in Inception… no. (Even though Anthony Hopkins recently did… but I’m not buying what he’s selling.) The top would be forbidden.

    But I’ve actually thought a lot more about this movie, and I think there are zones and compartments that get more restricted, and loopy, the longer people stay in them. So when you first walk into these cells, you can come and go from one to another. But then you fail the test, and you get locked in the outer most compartment. Right? Which, still would allow you to move from container to container within that larger prison. And then, when you fail that next logic test, the chamber downs lock further down, and some of the other cells become unavailable to you and the loop becomes a little bit shorter. Until, you find yourself in a tent, looping every 2 seconds.

    The key that I want to know more about is the moral failing that causes one to stay. Because in Resolution, it seemed as if they were able to break free. Well, no, we know they were looping… but it seemed like if anyone should have been allowed to break free, it was them. So what was the significant difference?!? That is the bit I want to know more about… personally. If I happened to have a way… SOME WAY… to email directly to the creator’s email inbox. IF ONLY THERE WAS A WAY!!!

    Hehehe. Chris. I feel ya buddy. But dang I loved this movie. There has to be a sequel. Gotta end with a trilogy here. And if there is a third… I want to be a lacky on set!!! hahaha.

  11. Chris T.

    Here’s the thing though… we’re being baited a bit. You’re right that Nolan doesn’t even ponder the notion of a ‘tease’. But these guys do! And I love them for it. So, yeah, I’ve been obsessing over this film the past several days. Easily to excess. I found one VERY awesome interview out there where they say, point blank, that the answers ARE 100% THERE, deposited, planted, contained IN the film, but they also say the answers are buried INCREDIBLY deep. I mean… we’re talking chasm-DEEEEEEEP! They even hint that it could take a person as many as oh, maybe 5 viewings to fully extract those answers. Suddenly, I’m thinking of my days at college, as an English Lit major, where I obsessed for a year on Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake (think The Endless), which cameth out of Ulysses (think Resolution), which cameth out of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (think Spring)…. or something like that! Not exactly the same universe, but the same mythos for sure!

    They go on to explain that basically, they designed the answers and buried them so deep, so as to invite/encourage multiple viewings (staying power) – all whilst keeping the experience fresh fresh —-> versus the more plain deflating revealed transparency. Apparently, their mythology is spread across all three films… Spring, Resolution, and Endless. And so I plan to do Justin and Aaron proud, by watching and (choiceless) RE-watching these films, with pause and screen capture utilities at the ready, notepad and pen in hand, and thinking cap doubly on. Slow and steady ahead! The biggest zinger I got from this online interview is that they say, in essence, there IS one single answer to all the criss-crossing questions in the film. It just has to be found. Now, have you ever heard a more teasing challenge? Nolan doesn’t do that. Fincher wouldn’t dream of doing that. That’s why I like Justin and Aaron. They actually have admitted, they’ve grown fond of ‘happy endings’. They are addictive!

    I think my favorite takeaway from this interview is the hint they spilled that they are working on a few TV show concept ideas……. and it’s in this direction where the next chapter of this particular mythology may very well go. I think that’s a brilliant and glorious idea. We’re all aware we’re deep in the midst of a television rebirth (Renaissance is not the right word, more like a supreme evolution) —> where it’s the perfect new medium to develop those VERY deepest of concepts, full on mythologies, and develop them forward, without the usual movie running time constraints. So, let’s all hope and pray (maybe we start our own cult?) that this future becomes our present!

  12. Chris T

    Since we’re suggesting that Resolution and Endless can be thought of as one long movie event, I have a few observations questions. In Resolution, when Micahel has tea with Byron, there were two things that caught my eye. One was that Byron has red sores on his wrists, I dunno… almost like Stigmata. Did anyone notice these sores? Could they have meaning? Could it be symbolic, or literal (maybe Byron was in a recent struggle, maybe he’s ill). Another observation. Michael gets us to leave, and thanks Byron for the ‘tea and the “aspirin”‘, which Byron responds by saying……. ‘Aspirin???’. I’m sure this is not a meaningless line. It must mean something! I don’t remember ever seeing Michael being given, or taking, an aspirin. So, is Michael on a red leaf contact high, and thinking he was given an aspirin? Or, is Michael having memory problems? I just thought this was a spooky line when Byron says as Michael walks out the door…. “aspirin???”.

    2nd Resolution observation: Chris, at one point, mentions “There’s some weird tires by the river”. Did Michael ever put eyes on those tires? I can’t remember if he did. I’d have to watch it again and specifically look to see if something like tires appear. I don’t remember any tires…. could it be symbolic?

    Last random observation FROM THE ENDLESS. Very last cult group scene (What Taylor made his banner for his review). The cult gang is looking outward, we assume out towards the ‘now free’ Justin and Aaron. Tim looks over at Hal, and then he sort of pats him on his back…. Hal then sort of shows what I think is a very slight smile of satisfaction. To me, it’s not a look of regret, or disappointment. It’s almost a look of “we did it, we succeeded”, and Tim’s pat on the back is suggesting “Good Job, you did it, now let’s head on back”. I also think that Anna’s expression also sort of slightly turns to the slightest hint of satisfaction. Certainly, we’ve come to learn that the filmmakers care about every minute detail of their films and especially this universe. So. I’m betting that these expressions were not improv hit or miss, but were choreographed with intent. So, what could this mean?

    I watched Resolution the other day with the finest of tooth combs – after days of paining over my lack of even the most remote hint of cohesion & understanding of the physics of THE ENDLESS. With Resolution, I must have taken well over 100 screen shots as a watched it. I blew up the images of the drawings on the wall. I was trying to figure out meaning in everything. I was thinking about the children’s trash can in the house where Chris was squatting. Before I knew he was squatting (at least I assume that’s truth), I was wondering if this trash can might have belonged to Chris (something he keeps around to remember a past tragedy).

    From time to time, you’d get that red to white lens flare on the camera, with a rumble in the sound track, and I screen captured that, and wondered what it meant.
    I even took a screen shot of the outside of the convenience store the first time Michael comes out of there — where there’s a sign on the window that says MISSING BOXER (by the way, that sign is not there upon subsequent Michael visits).

    There must be such a thing as DMSP (deeper-meaning-seeking-psychosis). And I think I’ve got it. Just and Aaron (as creators) are not just putting these symbols in their film for no reason. They’ve so much as admitted that the reason these films took a collective decade to get made is because they placed almost everything with some kind of intent. But, try as I might, I’m not sure I can even make a single ‘eureka’ connection. To have at least one of those, would give me the stamina to keep at it, and keep working for more. This is why I really wish that when Justin replied to this thread earlier on — where he said that Taylor’s analysis of both Byron and the loop borders, were off, he would give us some direction. I mean, come on Justin. At this point, you’ve got us hooked. We’ve loving all of this, but since we’re all brothers/sisters in this… help me/empower us, just as you empowered the character of Aaron in the film. Help us break through our own loop bubble! Do what Shitty Carl did… give us a few more lines of explanation. PLEASE?

  13. Craig K.

    In an interview, Justin and Aaron mention that there is only one character known to have ever escaped a time loop. I pondered this for some time and concluded that one character must have been Bryon Cassell. Thoughts?

  14. AdamW

    I love the discussion, but it leaves me wanting to discuss it more. There should be a big meet up where everyone interested can dissect the movie by watching it a few times, and talk about it and figure it out. Doing it on a comment section is not immediate enough, too difficult to bounce ideas back and forth, too frustrating.

    I love movies like this, and prefer the answers “be in the film” rather than an ambiguous mystery where it’s “up to the viewer to decide.” I don’t mind there being metaphorical themes that tie in and make you think, and that aren’t necessarily spelled out — and I don’t mind there being “physics” that you need to figure out — but so long as the mystery within the movie itself has some coherent logic and an answer in there somewhere.

    I think these guys did a good job balancing all that, but I just would like to know the answers 🙂 … I figured out a bunch of it, but still have a lot of questions. You guys are all invited over my house to work this out.

  15. Chris T

    an Resolution/Endless/Spring world braintrust summit? Count me in! I’d gladly pay admission for this! I too prefer answers contained in the film. Versus what I call the “Inland Empire Syndrome”…. By the way, ironically, I actually somehow enjoyed watching Inland Empire, but only because it was so insanely devoid of coherence, I guess I viewed it as if it were a piece of audio classical music… but it’s video.
    Back to R.E.S…. I still want the filmmakers (who are getting these emails in their inboxes) to give us something. Come on, we love you. Don’t be cruel (to hearts that are true)!

  16. Chavac

    I just finished watching the movie on Netflix, and admittedly haven’t seen resolution (yet). I skimmed the above and was a little puzzled that it doesn’t seem like anyone has figured the ending out, specifically the that the protagonists are in fact stuck in their own loop at the end.

    If you watch the early scene where the brothers are stopped at their mother’s shrine you see their car facing towards the screen and away from some FLAT/SLIGHTLY SLOPED mountains in the background. This implies they are driving away from these mountains. You’ll also note telephone lines dotting the LEFT of the screen (their right). At the end of the film, right as they are approaching the border of the overarching “pod” it appears as though they’ve escaped at the last second and are driving back towards their home. If you pay closer attention, however, they are facing a completely different set of mountains and the telephone lines are subtly now on the right side of the road. Had they left the pod and been on their way home, the scene would have been identical to the earlier one with simply the car’s direction reversed, but in fact the entire orientation of the scene appears to be reverse, with those flat mountains now behind them. This insinuates that they are not actually driving away from the “pod”, but are once again driving back towards it (or actually towards its center, as it appears they never actually left). I assume from this that this is because they either a) both died slightly before exiting the pod, thus creating their own loop, or b) they were already inside of a loop and attempting to exit it simply reset them at the edge pointing back inwards.

  17. Julia

    Actually, the Endless is not a sequel to Resolution. That’s a fact that’s been verified by the creators as well.

  18. Scott

    Most folks seem to be doing literal deconstructions of the events. I see the movie as symbolic, a commentary and parable of our lives:

    1. The time loops represent the repeating emotional/intellectual/spiritual/physical behavioral patterns we can find ourselves ourselves locked in, either with ourselves or with others. Examples include eating disorders, hurtful relationships, sabotaging our successes, living from one crisis to another, struggling with money, various addictions, etc.
    2. We remain locked in these patterns as long as we are bound by fear and under the control of the “dark side” of our nature that prevents us from escaping. This fear can take many forms, which often boil down to themes like “I’m not good enough” “I’m not lovable” “I don’t belong” “I’m not worthy of love” etc. Each person (or group like a pair of lovers or a whole family) can create their own hell and pull each other back into it when one or more try to escape, perhaps even inadvertently while they are trying to help the other.
    3. The way to get out of the loop is to not give in to the fear, to run like hell like your life depends on it, because it does. This is analogous to the commitment required to escape from the influence of our own dark sides and break the patterns in which we are locked.
    4. Everybody has their own version based on their life circumstances, and most people aren’t conversant in the language to describe the common themes of these life struggles, so there is not a lot of advice or wisdom that typically passes from one to another. There is no leader and everyone is grasping at straws to make sense of it, how to break out of the patterns, or how to accept the seemingly inescapable nature of the patterns and just endure them.

    And the ending… you can break free! But can you? Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic… the call of the patterns will always be there, but with the right tools we can resist. Note the ending was not deterministic. The hallmarks of another loop are there, but are the brothers moving into new ground or repeating the old? Time will tell.

  19. Scott

    Most folks seem to be doing literal deconstructions of the events. I see the movie as symbolic, a commentary and parable of our lives:

    1. The time loops represent the repeating emotional/intellectual/spiritual/physical behavioral patterns we can find ourselves ourselves locked in, either with ourselves or with others. Examples include eating disorders, hurtful relationships, sabotaging our successes, living from one crisis to another, struggling with money, various addictions, etc.
    2. We remain locked in these patterns as long as we are bound by fear and under the control of the “dark side” of our nature that prevents us from escaping. This fear can take many forms, which often boil down to themes like “I’m not good enough” “I’m not lovable” “I don’t belong” “I’m not worthy of love” etc. Each person (or group like a pair of lovers or a whole family) can create their own hell and pull each other back into it when one or more try to escape, perhaps even inadvertently while they are trying to help the other.
    3. The way to get out of the loop is to not give in to the fear, to run like hell like your life depends on it, because it does. This is analogous to the commitment required to escape from the influence of our own dark sides and break the patterns in which we are locked.
    4. Everybody has their own version based on their life circumstances, and most people aren’t conversant in the language to describe the common themes of these life struggles, so there is not a lot of advice or wisdom that typically passes from one to another. There is no leader and everyone is grasping at straws to make sense of it, how to break out of the patterns, or how to accept the seemingly inescapable nature of the patterns and just endure them.

    And the ending… you can break free! But can you? Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic… the call of the patterns will always be there, but with the right tools we can resist. Note the ending was not deterministic. The hallmarks of another loop are there, but are the brothers moving into new ground or repeating the old?

    Perhaps as we gain maturity and learn to overcome patterns and think we escape, we reach the end of our lives and come back to do it all over again- like the words from George Harrison’s song:
    “There’ll come a time when most of us return here
    Brought back by our desire to be
    A perfect entity
    Living through a million years of crying
    Until you’ve realized the Art of Dying”

  20. Rondoman

    I think the brothers were in a time loop by there moms memorial. The picture looks brand new, it never ages, I believe there was even dialogue about it. Thoughts?

  21. Kersus

    After reading all this, I feel like Resolution wasn’t their first go-round. They escaped deaths that already occurred in previous loops.

    As for Endless…. While I think there’s some comment on our own lives and loops which is provocative, within the movie there is something trapping people.

    There is a comment on not staying unless you want to as well as submission. Byron is also a mystery and despite being told the answers are there, I think these answers may only be implied – like Byron escaping. We don’t know it for sure.

  22. Mattias Ristholm

    Having read Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson the movie actually makes sense. The loops are obviously metafores for those things that keep us captive. Emotional scars, hurts and fears or mental barriers that keep us from living up to our potential. The Monster is chaos or the consequences we fear that keeps us from letting go of our inhibitions. So in Jordan Petersons words we need to contend with the monster to conquer it. Basically the brothers broke their own loop of destructive interaction when they levelled in the end. They were then able to escape the loop and the monster.

  23. yes

    Haven’t seen anyone talk about the moon at the end of the movie that is immediately covered by the mirror for the car. Kinda late now, but meh.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Well? What do you make of the moon at the end? Gotta give us something… alternate dimension/reality, end of the world, zombie apocalypse??? Something!

  24. Alex

    The brothers are themselves in a time loop. The grave was outside the bounds of the camp, the monster is the one who sent them the video, birds flew in a strange formation after they escape, the moon was a single crescent as if it just started a new cycle. The video the brothers found in the lake showed them talking to Mike using satire to poke fun at Camp Arcadia – I’m unsure about the timeline for that video but it seems to have taken place long ago yet must be after making an escape since the brothers were slandering the camp; and before Mike got trapped in his time loop.

    The movie states that you should never back down from the monster, otherwise you are trapped. I believe that “the struggle” is more than a metaphor for this statement. After losing at first, Aaron learned from his past mistake and won his struggle. When forced to go up next, Justin failed to succeed, becoming injured in his hand and ultimately backing down. If one was to subscribe to the theory that Justin and Aaron escape at the end, I would conjecture that they were only allowed to escape because Aaron finally opened up to Justin and Justin finally respected his brother’s autonomy.

    Also, there’s a scene where Justin is talking to Lizzie tending to his wound, when Hal walks in to apologize for the struggle. The conversation concludes awkwardly with Hal ending dialogue with “You two kids have fun” and smoking some more dope. Justin forced himself out of that awkward situation. I just thought this scene was weird and could not explain it. Maybe others have theories?

  25. Liz shotter

    I love that this film (and resolution) has gathered such a cult status and has captured the imagination of so many people. I love what these guys have done with such a limited budget, and proves that it’s possible to tell intricate stories without the need of expensive cgi, big named stars etc. I personally feel that endless should be watched first, then resolution as resolution as a stand alone film wouldn’t make much sense to me. I’m glad I watched them in the order I did, as it helped me make sense of resolution as I’d already “met” Chris and Mike. This may already have been mentioned, but i think mikes wife may have died within the cults loop when she was searching for him, as she’s very vague about how she came to be rescued by Hal (“I guess I must have passed out because of dehydration”). Given the fact that Justin had left just before the last reset, and was only just meeting her, this must mean that she only arrived in the last ten years, but is in the loop because she died within it. An interesting (blink and you miss it) is when Justin points out (at the end) that the fuel tank is on empty and Aaron says “Its always on empty” leaves me to feel that they’re in their own loop, due to the perpetually near empty tank. I hope not, as I loved the idea that someone got away from the entity. I would love to see this story expanded as it’s a long time since a film has stayed with me for this long, and has piqued my interest so much. Its awesome to read so many peoples theories and views. I would love to know more about five second man, and it would be so interesting so hear his story, as this was the only part of the film that was difficult to watch. I would love to see him break free of his loop as its difficult to think that he’s “died” 6.307 million times a year for 110 years. I know that theres a theory that the longer youre in a loop the shorter it becomes, but given the dated evidence in the locked room it appears that the cult has been in its loop for as long as 5 second man. This film made me think about my own life as a loop and my bad habits. It was something of an epiphany when Aaron questioned the merits of staying in a loop purposefully just to have friendships, intimacy, good health and peace. Things he never found outside of the cult, but in real time he would have choices and would be the master of his own world. Im excited to see what they produce next, and hope they continue to be independent as possible, as they appear to be gathering a solid fan base. Thanks for the article, it’s the most thorough I’ve seen on this film.

  26. Mr

    Time does not pass in the pods. Everything in the pods is in “reverse” because Everything within them are a reflection of the creator’s eye. The car crash .memorial never ages because it is WITHIN the cult camps time pod. Byron escaped and was in a loop during the first flick. Anyone outside of the loop can come and go unless they die…but their maybe some caveat to that. And lastly I think the camp has been through at least two loops by the beginning of endless. Oh. And jen is either not yet stuck in the loop or died looking for Mike and her ritual at reset is to try and break through to her man me

  27. Kim

    I think at the end they went back to the camp. Here’s why, in the beginning of the movie the memorial was on the left side of the road when they were heading to the camp. at the end of the movie the memorial was again on the left side so that means that they were on their way back to the camp and not escaping.

  28. Felix Estrella

    Could of factoids I gleaned from watching the movie.
    (1) The opening sequence shows a international airmail package being dropped. The package is covered in “foreign” stamps with “Par Avion (French: Air mail) stickers plastered all over it. As if it was sent from France? Mind you it also has a “Letecka Posta” (Czech: Air mail) sticker.
    (2) The first shot of Aaron and Justin after they “make it out” has the telephone poles on their right, as if you’re heading back into the camp. But after the “empty gas” conversation, the telephone poles are on their left, as if you’re heading away from the camp. Assuming this was intentional, did Justin’s “You figure it out” (finally allowing Aaron to make his own choices) free them?

  29. Kicker

    Hi i just watched the endless, and then the resolution after i found this thread. i did like the order like this but also would have picked up on the loops from resolution.

    at the end of resolution though, instead of escaping like they wanted, both Chris and Michael admitted their faults, chris wanting to die the way he wanted, and Michael just wanting to save someone to feel like he did something. Then after the house is on fire Chris loses it and runs back up to the house, my guess is because the bag of dope was still in there, and Michael still chasing after him. Both going back on their words they just spoke, in turn continuing their “story” or loop. maybe later got killed by the indians, idk.

    After seeing Byron is not in the second one and that he’s off doing whatever seemed to imply that he was no longer in his loop, and piggybacking off of Felix’s comment about the postage. He was a French Archaeologist, no?

    I think 30 years ago, when he came here as an archaeologist, he initially found something that triggered, started, or released the “spirit”, which i think is definitely linked to, as explained in resolution, it being all on a native reservation, which would explain the spirit and why it is keeping captives/holding negative energy. He helps facilitate it, maybe in cahoots with Hal, and looking like Josh(?) (old bearded beer guy) regrettably as well, as they do manage to store all the footage in that shack.

    it also seems like the native american crew knew something was super fucky about everything whether they were keeping their land clear, felt that spirit energetically/spiritually or had some sort of incentive to keep people looped there. cause they also killed those two dealers and also said there’s a lot of other addicts buried in the mountains.

    i love the theories about it being metaphorical with not giving into fear and how it keeps us stuck, and i do like to believe the brother’s escaped after healing their trauma.
    i understand that the poles and the memorial were on the other side, and if i remember correctly at the beginning, Justin was looking up and down the road really weirdly, hyperfocused on the birds especially.

    but that would also suggest that they have an entire 10 year loop, that would also expand into the city, which mean their loop would have to be completely surrounded by the erected barrier sticks, and their amulets (was their anything symbolic on them?) or whatever. which is why i think Byron moves freely amongst them all, facilitating from wherever he is or coming to and fro. considering he’s a scientist of sorts and gets to study the phenomenon.
    which brings me to think that it gets more and more of a conspiracy type vibe considering there is outside knowledge, and the spirit doesn’t seem like it’d be able to send an email or a package..

    also curious as to how their loop memory works? both chris and justin were aware of it, commenting on how if he had to hear him say “hey chris how ya doin?” or whatever again that he’d blow his brains out.
    and it does seem obvious that Hal knows a lot of what’s going on, as they enjoyed life away from most of society anyways, so why b when they find different people they slowly drag them in. Do they kill them at some point? maybe the beer?

    they’re definitely there based on sin it seems.. cult and shitty carl, suicide. chris drug use and waste of life, justin’s evangelism, justin’s wife, couldn’t release grief/forgive him for leaving, or was murdered.
    but why does the cult get to live peacefully while carl is in his small loop trying to keep killing himself? or the 5 second tent guy?
    and potentially i don’t think Aaron actually wanted to leave and killed them both at some point to keep them in the loop instead of going home.
    but that basis also seems kind of cruel that if you don’t solve your trauma you’re damned to a repeated cycle with no chance of escaping ever? a type of hell on earth?
    it traps new souls, which is why it plays nice with the cult. but why keep bothersome ones in their own, how big is the forest?
    is it a play on god? or a spirit/evil deity that’s disguised itself as one to the cult? “the celestial messiah will lend his vessel near the end of days” or whatever. cause their’s doesn’t seem too hellish…

    ultimately it’s an evil spirit of the land based in some sort of slaughter/genocide or mistreatment of some native american’s based on the entire reservation that needs to be righted somehow to release them from their cycles and to some sort of afterlife.

    just makes me question how far that particular spirit goes/travels or if there’s other’s like it all over. and why doesn’t it just kill people right away? why does it like the story? has something to do with the amulets/staff circles.

    sorry that was spitballed and kind of all over the place. obviously i love it, and this thread. will be coming back to this website! well done taylor

    byron… “everything has a beginning…. a middle…. and an end”

    • Taylor Holmes

      Hey there Byron,
      I dug your spitballing. Seems like we sort of saw it all fairly similarly, minus our confusion with the mechanics of it all. Back in December I tweeted out to Justin who was in production for Synchronic (movie #3) and just said: “Just please tell me that you giving us a window into the domes the loops and the mind job that was the previous two movies.” and he liked my comment, but didn’t comment (fairly MO of you Mr. Benson). So hopefully movie 3 will give insight.

      But, while this is possibly the best “in character” website ever created, I literally do not have the stomach to read it for more than 2 minutes at a time before I start to throw up in my mouth. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it. It was posted on Benson’s and the movie’s twitter feeds I believe…


      Love to know your thoughts on it. I’d actually buy a starbucks to anyone that would remove all the site’s awful formatting and just placed black text on a white background! hahaha.


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