Merry Christmas Everyone…

E. E. Cummings happens to be one of my favorite poets. Maybe second only to T. S. Eliot. Anyway, figured this Christmas poem from Cummings would be a good way to celebrate the most important day of the year… the celebration and commemoration of Christ’s birth.

I know that with as many people wander through this site daily, that the odds are high that there are some who swing through who might not be having the greatest Christmas ever. Heck, it might be the worst day of your life, let alone the worst Christmas ever.

I would say to you, that the GREATEST gift the universe has ever been given? That is what we celebrate today. And even if you don’t have a present under the tree today… even if you don’t have a tree… that gift is still there for you to celebrate. And that is the miracle of Christ’s birth. God in the flesh. God come down. Solely for you. The gift that allows you the opportunity to be reconciled with your creator. Greatest Gift ever. Nothing compares.

So if you are having a rough day today. I still say, Merry Christmas to you. We might do well to celebrate minus the materialistic trappings anyway. I mean, seems completely contrapuntal to me now that I think about it. Hrmmm.

Happy Christmas!