Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown – I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

As I explained – in this much too long post – I have decided to mine the depths of this site’s intellectual movie capital of crazy awesome movies and craft a top 25 movies list. Now, this movies list will be unlike any other movie list you’ve ever seen. Why? Because Quality and Unknowness will be equally weighted. And lucky for you, I built an algorithm to find and surface the crazy mindjobs that no one has heard of so that I can bring them to you in this top twenty five countdown. Our list so far:

Can’t wait to see this list grow as we find more and more movies that are below your radar… And here is the total list of every movie published so far.

Number 23 – I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Horror movies make me laugh. Jump scares and gallons of movie blood just makes me think about the poor actor that is getting covered in slime. But thrillers on the other hand…I might just become an utter pansy. Not confirmed. But it could happen. Take for example the 23rd entry in our list of the best unknown mindjob movies, I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House…the opening title sequence ruined me. Heck, this trailer made me a mess. You should know right away if this film is for you or not, I wouldn’t watch the entire trailer if I were you…

The plot is fairly simple. A prolific horror novelist Iris Blume (played by Paula Prentiss) locks herself away in her own house, gripped in the throes of full blown, full tilt dementia. Lilly (played by Ruth Wilson – of Locke fame) agrees to come live with Iris, in order to take care of her. But almost from the moment she arrives, things beginning taking a turn for the psychologically disturbed. Is Lilly imagining things? Or are things at this horror author’s house not quite right? Or is this the fruition of Iris’ constant talking about the blurring of lines between the spectral reality, and ours? Is this house a portal to the great beyond? Is there a deeper story to this house, linked to the past? Or is Lilly just coming unhinged?

I watched this movie, by myself, in the middle of the night, and it scared me senseless. This is a subtle thriller, filled with dark-blackness that will seep into your mind the further the movie progresses. But if subtlety isn’t your thing, then I would recommend passing on this entry. I would also ask you if we are a fit to be friends anymore. I mean…maybe we should take a step back and reevaluate, DTR this relationship a bit. Ya know?

Regardless, I loved this movie. But be prepared that there are no real answers here. There are theories. And we spent a lot of time discussing the various possibilities, but you better be ready to walk out into the unknown with this particular movie.

Edited by, CY