Dark Season 2 Trailer and Date

It is truly rare that I fanboy this hardcore about a coming film or series. The original Dark TV series was so surprisingly good that I basically shutdown this blog for the better part of two weeks while I created my in-depth 10 episodes walk through, and several hundred thousand people checked it out. Woot woot, let’s hear it for the interwebs! And yet, as good as that was, I got triple the visitors coming to check out the Dark Family Tree Poster I created. (Which sort of hurts my feelings, some, but I’m conflicted as to why that is. I guess more counseling hours for me!!) And now, my Dark Season 2 Family Tree is live as well.

If you’ve never heard of Dark, first, YES! You have the chance to finally discover your new favorite TV series. Just like that. Boom. But basically, Dark is Netflix’s mind blowing, time traveling, German mindjob of a show. The story loops continuously from 1953, 1986, and 2019 as the audience just played catch up with the brilliant premise. It tells the story of two different factions attempting to take control of these time anomalies and capabilities. Yes, I am trying not to say anything too, um, telling. I mean, if you haven’t seen Dark Season 1, just go watch it right now. Please. And then join us over here to talk about it. And do NOT go here. Gah. And if you’d like to donate, in order to download this massive family tree infographic you can do so right here:

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Regardless of all of that – Dark Fans Rejoice!! The Dark Season Two trailer is here. And I have it here for you…EXCLUSIVELY!!! No one else but my site, and YouTube, has this trailer yet. So exciting. /s

OHHH! And do you want even better Dark news? Hahahah. This is so good. Season 2, is launching on June 21st, 2019. EH?!?!?! AHA!!!!?? Right?

No? (oh my merciful father…help me now.)

Cough…June 21st, 2019 happens to be the day when Michael Kahnwald committed suicide, kicking off the Dark Season 1 series. It was his suicide note that he left for his “son” Jonas that took us down this rad new rabbit hole. Right? Now do you get the significance? And if you want more evidence as to why Netflix is just geek-level-11 at this marketing stuff, the day that they informed the world of Season 2, happened to be on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Trust me to you Dark noobs, it’s relevant. Better yet? Here is the first page of the Season 2 script!!!

Which, if you look closely at it, confirms that we will be visiting a new time zone. Time zone? Uh, something like that. Anyway, we’ll be going to 1921 to kick Season 2 off! brilliant. Alright, anyway, I’m so stoked. Cannot wait.

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