Dubbing is from the devil. Let’s start there. To take a movie, regardless of language, and then to mash another language on top of it…is anarchy. Senseless insanity. I literally can’t think of a worse crime against humanity than that. It isn’t possible. It’s like ripping the soul out of an actor’s performance. You’ve, in essence, made all dubbed actors, Charlie Chaplin. Non-talkie actors. It’s horrendous. I actually submit to you that we should bring a resolution to the UN stating that it is an international war crime. Nerve Gas… check! International Dubbing? Check!

Now. Just the other day, Hulu brought Parasite to the world. And, since it happened to have won the Oscars – it’s obviously garnering some attention. But not all of it is good. Because some people, Americans, think all movies should always be created in English. They probably assume they always are. So, when they run headlong into a movie like Parasite, from South Korea…and when the actors start talking, in Hangul…it hurts their brain. Like a lot.

I mean – check out my buddy here – mister Dave Gardiner:

I mean – such a nice looking fellow, Dave. Big smile. I like the looks of Dave. I could be friends with Dave. But I have to say, this is literally the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen. OK, not literally the most ignorant, but it’s up there. “Sound is such a huge part of movies and it being in a different language is so weird”??? Now, think about this for a second. You own the streaming rights to Parasite in the United States of good ol’ America… what do you do when you get a tweet like this? Do you:

A) Quickly dub the movie in English as fast as you can.

B) Dub it, and apologize for the Korean creator’s insensitivity to our American sensibilities.

C) Respond with this ace of a response:

Hahahaha, and I’ll even do you one better. Hulu, determined not to settle…

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2 Responses

  1. Shelby

    I was trying to think of an example where dubbing would be ok. What about if someone is illiterate and incapable of reading subtitles? I mean, let’s teach this person how to read, but that’s about the only reason I can imagine someone complaining about foreign language movies/not wanting to read closed captions.

    But, I am VERY excited because I think Parasite opened the door for future foreign language movies to be watched by previously sheltered Americans. I got my dad to watch The Raid a few years ago, which doesn’t have that much dialogue, but I think it opened the door for Parasite as my dad already watched it on Hulu. It’s a big deal. I’m also seeing lots of posts on Reddit like: “I watched Parasite. Give me some more good foreign language movies” This is amazing!

    I cried when Parasite won. I love being able to watch history happen. And that this history was made from someone so incredibly talented and passionate about his work. I have high hopes for the future of cinema and people’s watching habits.

  2. Lisa

    You have no idea how many reviews and comments I’ve left on Amazon addressing this when I see people giving a low score to a fantastic film simply because it’s not in English. I can’t watch anything dubbed as the mouth not following the words drives me insane and reminds me of the Kung Fu movies they always played when I was a kid with the awful dubbing! Even some friends of mine won’t watch a film with subtitles because reading is just soooooo hard I guess.


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