Here are your 10 Steps For Getting Ready for Dark Season 3. This coming week is going to be a dud of a week for new movies and new posts on this site. WHY TAYLOR WHY?!? Well, my good friend, I’ll tell you. And it isn’t because I don’t love you all. It isn’t for a lack of movies to talk about it. You guys have given me a pile of films to review below in the red tab. “Well, if you have plenty of movies to talk about, and you are healthy, aren’t on vacation…then WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING MAN!?”

There’s a simple explanation.

The single best television show of all time is called Dark. And the fact that I am having to explain this to you makes me die a little inside every time I have to do it. Yes, it’s that dark German television show that is famous on Reddit for being nearly incomprehensible. And yet, it could also be the single best time travel film, play, TV show, musical… ANYTHING, ever created. And yes, that also includes Carruth’s Primer.

So, this coming week, I will take a break from posting in order to re-watch season 1, and season 2. I may even give it another watch next week they are so good. And heck, we’ve got to get our crap together in order to have a clue what is going on come season 3!

BUT NEVER FEAR!! If you are worried that you won’t be ready for season 3, I’ve got you covered with this 7 step Dark Season 3 prep process. But please, please please, do not read any further if you haven’t watched both season 1 and season 2. The absolute rest of this post will be literal dynamite. Highly, highly explosive, if you haven’t seen the entirety of the show so far. This is just intended to help get those of us that are into DARK, BACK up to speed. OK? I swear, if I hear about one single person reading this post who hasn’t watched the show, I will come to your house and fork your lawn. I absolutely am kidding you not.

Reader Beware – Here Be Dragons…


Step 1: Re-watch the Season 1 trailer

Woah, yeah, so much to remember!! The room. The tortures. The missing children. The hunt. The fear. And the trailer just brings it all back with the power and impact of a sledge hammer. Such a great show. And yet, we knew so little back in season 1. Weren’t we cute? hahahaha.

Step 2: Review my Season 1 Dark Family Tree

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 1 Family Tree
Click here to open entire image – Donation Appreciated

Step 3: Review my Season 1 Episode Walkthroughs

If you don’t have the time to re-watch season 1, like I am attempting to do, then the very next best thing, is to head over to this post right here. I walk you through the key details of each and every episode in season 1. Sure, it isn’t 100% comprehensive – but it was created to review the really crucial details of each episode.

Step 4: Stop, ponder the meaning of life the universe and everything

Season one was so good. They literally could have stopped right there. (Oh, my, do not get me wrong, I’m so glad that they didn’t.) Children going missing, a hint of time travel? The question of determinism in the universe? Forces of good, forces of evil, maybe they are one in the same, maybe they are different? There is so much to just stop, and think about. Now, once more into the breach my friends!

Step 5: Re-watch the Season 2 trailer

Wooooah yeah, I remember that! The end of the world. The apocalypse. The forming of sides behind Noah, and Jonas. And wow, there was a lot of time traveling happening. Like, a lot of time traveling!

Step 6: Review my Season 2 Dark Family Tree

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 2 Family Tree
Click here for full image. Donation Appreciated

Step 7: Season 2 Detailed Walkthrough

If you don’t have the time to re-watch season 2, like I am attempting to do, then the very next best thing, is to head over to this post right here. I walk you through the key details of each and every episode in season 2. Sure, it isn’t 100% comprehensive – but it was created to review the really crucial details of each episode.

Step 8: Watch the Season 3 trailer

YESSSSS! The apocalypse! The End of the World! And more importantly, the creation of worlds! We learn with this trailer that it won’t just be about what time someone is from, but from what world they are from. We learn that the Dark series is a multiverse of possibilities…

Step 9: Review my Season 3 Dark Family Tree

Woah! I just finished, an entire week, of editing, photoshopping, rewatching, season 3, just so I could pull this monster Dark Season 3 Family Tree together. It’s literally the biggest photoshop file I’ve ever made, by a factor. And here it is for you. You are welcome. If you’d like to see the tree in a more easily consumable fashion, you can check this out here.

The Definitive Netflix Dark Season 3 Family Tree
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Step 10: Afterwards, come back here.

When it’s all done – and you are spinning…don’t worry. Just head on back here to THiNC. where I’ve got you. I’m sure I’ll update my crazy Dark Family Tree diagrams. I’m sure I’ll do an episode by episode explainer and walkthrough. I’m sure we’ll have hundreds and hundreds of comments from other ardent fans just like you, who are all scrambling to figure it out just like you are. So, yeah, come on back, and we’ll have a blast talking about it, and meeting new people. It’ll be fantastic.

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9 Responses

  1. Walter

    The larger version of family tree from season 2 doesn’t seem to actually be larger. I tried to click the link and expand it but I couldn’t read any of your descriptions. You’ve done a great job, thanks for everything!

  2. Taylor Holmes

    Dude! Adhyayan! You are way way way too literal my man! Ok, ok ok…. I’ll play this game with you – and actually count to ten! sheesh!

  3. Lisa

    I just came over here for a refresher as I just fired up season 3. I’m way too excited over watching this show. They do a pretty good recap before the first episode, though. But I’m definitely going to need a look at the family tree throughout this.

  4. Ron

    I’m lost. Then found my other self in an alternate universe. He was lost too. Fortunately, I bought the Family Tree. Then lost that download. No worries, bought another one and now it’s gone too. Crap. I’m in some kind of loop.

  5. Taylor

    I have maybe 50 hours into the definitive season 3 family tree. Probably 85% complete? I’ve had to watch season three twice and also done dozens of fast scans to try and keep track of who is where. I’m moving as fast as I can. Promise Henry!!


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