tenet movie timeline infographic

The Definitive Tenet Timeline Infographic

I just finished doing a long walk through of the movie Tenet, right over here. There was a ton to talk about, and it was a blast thinking it through and trying to untangle the ins and outs of the secrets of how the movie worked. And while I don’t plan to go to that level here today, this infographic will be 1000% spoilers for sure. So please, please please… do not continue further down this page unless you’ve seen the movie Tenet. Okay? If you’d like to watch the movie right now – try one of these links right here:

Also – to help me keep making mindbending infographics – like the ones I’ve done for Dark (season 1, season 2, and season 3), Timecrimes, Interstellar, Knives Out, Mr. Nobody, The Incident, Edge of Tomorrow, 41, Predestination, The Jacket, etc etc etc. (You get the idea.) Maybe consider a quick donation? I really appreciate it to all those that donated for all my Dark family trees – that really helped out a lot. If you click on the infographic below, it will let you download the large version that is print ready. And I tried to make something that would look good on a wall. I think it turned out alright. Anyway, thanks for your donation.

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Tenet Definitive Infographic Timeline

OK. So, because Nolan’s brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s – I sort of had to come up with a different way to represent time. Instead of on a linear timeline – I set it up relative to locations and events from left to right on the infographic. The movie starts in Kiev and heads onward to Oslo then Tallinn. Then they head back through them again going the opposite direction. You get the idea. It’ll seem overwhelming if you just look at the entire map – but it makes more sense if you just follow one character’s flow at a time.

Also – lots of spoilers here. So, I wouldn’t just hand this to a good friend that hasn’t seen Tenet yet. For example – I’ve chatted with maybe five people casually (you might be number 6) who didn’t know who Neil was. This infographic says it out loud. And if you were wondering if there was a love interest in this movie – this infographic spells that out too. Hahaha. Oh, and if you were completely lost on who the two main characters were that died in the film because everyone but Sator was alive at the end…this infographic spells that out as well.


The Definitive Tenet Infographic Timeline

Again, click on the image to get the full image. And thanks to all those that donated. I really appreciate your kindness. If you find glitches or issues that would help make this timeline make more sense just let me know in the comments.

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