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Help Find A Movie To Watch With Taylor

OK look. I have given. And given. And given to you guys. I mean, 9/10 of your favorite movies of all time you found right here! (OK, so that is probably a stretch. But maybe one or two of them anyway! hahah.) And now I need a favor from you guys. I need you to help find a movie to watch with Taylor, OK?

A fantastic Patreon Member (If you aren’t a Patreon Member, you have got to check out the benefits, sign up, and meet some brilliant people.) named Matt is in charge of setting up the Patreon groups’ next movie watching experience. I literally handed the whole thing over to him to setup, schedule, and plan. But he asked me this brilliant question I was totally stumped on. Here, let me quote him directly:

“Are there any you haven’t seen but are planning on/want to?”

So here’s the question – if you can assume I’ve never seen another movie than the movies you can find by searching in the search box (which, obviously isn’t true) what movie would you suggest that I watch during the next Patreon Watch Party? Matt is really trying to find something that I haven’t seen before – and that is a pretty cool goal. So maybe we can help him out and throw a list together for him to pick from. And hell, maybe you can join us by signing up as a Patreon Member. Or not, I’m not going to think any less of you. But you would be missing out, that’s for sure!!

OK, so, you guys know me, and the kind of movies we talk about here. If you were to build a list of movies I haven’t talked about on this site, what would you add to the list? Mindjob movies are my favorite. But those come in a million different varieties. Heck, a documentary can be a mindjob if done right.

I love movies like the sci-fi movie Arrival. I love! movies like the closed box mindjob 10×10 or Hard Candy. But I also love really weird jobby movies like Kajillionaire, or Super Dark Times.

But I want you guys to concentrate. Don’t go whipping out your flipping Gone With The Wind recommendations for the love of all that is good and holy. Man. Wait, Erika, OLD MOVIES are fine…that’s not what I’m saying here. Bring an old movie to this list, that is fine. But make it flipping relevant would you! sheesh. Great. Think about it for a moment. Think about the movies I bring you guys (you know, like Green Room man!) and try and search the site to see if I’ve already covered it. And if we can find a great movie that Matt agrees to add to watch to the list, we’ll watch it together. That means, we won’t talk the whole time…we are going to WATCH dangit! hahaha. And then afterwords, after the shock has worn off, we’ll talk about the mindjob that is your movie recommendation. OK?

I’m expecting you guys to actually try this time. OK? Thanks.