Looking For Your Assistance – Panel Discussions

Hey there gang. This is a weird post. It’s actually a pretty simple ask. The other day, Matt (a Patreon member) and I watched the film Taxi Driver together – and had a blast by the way. (I mean, I had a blast, I have no idea what Matt thought of the experience! Don’t mean to speak for Matt!) Neither of us had sat down and watched the film before – and it was amazing to just point my brain at it.

Well, in so doing, I recorded our video zoom meeting from beginning to end. While our conversation during the movie was very sparse, we were watching this movie for the first time after all, our conversation after the fact was a ton of fun. (Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll do a write up about Taxi Driver, and will include the conversation in some form or other there.) Which got both Matt and myself thinking… huh… I wonder if this could sort of be a thing in and of itself?

So to investigate this further, I have a request for assistance. I’ve put the call out to all the THiNC. Patreon members, but I’m also going to put it out to everyone at large as well…would you be open to jumping in on a movie panel discussion? I’m guessing the conversation would be no more than 20 minutes, 30 on the outside. You would have to have the movie watched recently (let’s say in the last week) so that your ideas about the movie would be fresh. And then we’d just jump on a call to chat about what we loved, hated, and thought the movie to mean.

I promise the chats will only cover really clever movies that would be worth talking about. Like Black Bear, Netflix’s The Call, or maybe we could retread old movies that would be fun to talk about, like Old Boy, Arrival, or heck, La La Land? They would all be really clever movies with really clever twists, and worthwhile movies to ponder. One of things that I really loved about chatting about Taxi Driver with Matt is that he brought really fantastic ideas to the film that I hadn’t thought about. We were also really high on it since we had only just finished watching. It was great. (As a side note, if you’d like to join in on the movie watching – join the other Patreons and sign up today – we have a Discord chat server that has taken on a life of its own – and it’s were I find 90% of my movies to watch now. (THANKS GUYS!))

So yeah – whether you are intrigued by the idea or not – here’s a survey that will help me understand where you guys are on this idea – TAKE THE SURVEY RIGHT HERE!

Thanks for leaning in and helping out. Hell, maybe I’m going about this all wrong… maybe I need to hold auditions! hahaha.