Severance Show Explanation Episode 2 Half Loop

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Severance Show Explanation Episode 2 Half Loop. I cannot remember the last I took a deep dive into a series – abandoning movies left and right along my way – in order to plumb the depths of a show. Maybe the last deep dive was Devs? (Or Deus?) Obviously Dark. But regardless, that is what is happening today. But first, what is Severance? And why exactly is it worth the ongoing hassle of deep-diving? But this is the SECOND installation of my systematic walk through of the show Severance. If you haven’t read that write up, please check it out right here!

Come on. That is cinematic gold. The premise is gold. The acting is gold. The art direction is gold. And after watching episode one? Episode one is gold. Literally took three minutes to get hooked on the series… and then, after that, I realized the show didn’t drop all at once! We have to wait until April 8th for the conclusion of the series?!? So here’s what we are going to do… week by week we will discuss each episode and the twists and turns that it brings. It’ll be a communal act of peace, love, and blissful frolicking across the technicolor rainbows of AppleTV.

Severance Episode 2 – “Half Loop” explanation

Episode 2 opens with Helly, recording her video ascent to the procedure, and the explanations as to when her current person would awake again this evening after work… “There’s a handrailing at hip level if you feel dizzy.” And we watch as the Lumon drill and Lumon scalpels inject some sort of device in into her brain. This will be important later to Petey, and his efforts to overcome the severance procedure. We also watch as she heads back to her encounter at the stairwell – at which Milchick is there for her, to convince her that she wants to stay. And then we watch as he is there to offer her ‘outtie’ self flowers, and congratulate her on her first day of work. With that, Helly begins her first day at work… and quickly, she asks if quitting is an option. Mark then informs her the basically, that would be tantamount to killing her Lumon self. Huh. True. But it would also be liberating her as well, depending on the perspective you view this statement from.

Severance Show Explanation Episode 2 Half Loop

Then, the team has a team building exercise that allows each member of the team to share something about themselves. Helly doesn’t grok the game – at all – because she literally knows nothing about herself. And Mark, admits to a protocol violation wherein he removed the team photo prior to the new one being made. At which point, Milchick states that it’s strange that he had this response to Petey’s leaving, when he had no response at all to Carol D.’s leaving. To which, Mark responds, “We knew Carol D. was leaving, she filmed a thank you. Petey was just gone.” Milchick responds, “I think this is a good time to remind ourselves that things like death happens outside of here, not here. A life at Lumon is protected from such things. And I think, a great potential response from all of you, is gratitude.

And that is true… generally. If I think back through all of the times, specifically within the confines of work… I remember a buddy of mine got wheeled out after a panic attack. We thought he was having a heart attack. But otherwise, it’s really very rare that people in a work place die, or tragically get ill. I did have a close friend commit suicide. He had just turned in his laptop, and I attempted to make him laugh on his way out the door… yeah, that didn’t work. Maybe I was the last person to see him at work? I really don’t know. But his death, happened outside of work… beyond the confines of my ‘innie’ self.” Suddenly Helly pops. Decides she can’t do the whole, no sunlight thing, disappearing friend thing… and makes a run for the elevator with a sticky note that she’s written on it: “I Quit.” Grainer catches Helly, but Mark takes the fall for her instead. And Grainer forces Mark to do a stint in the “break” room… whatever that means.

Cut to ‘Outtie’ world. Mark, on a date, notices a few protesters asking for signatures on Lumon’s attempt to require severance. “Severance is subjugation.” And Mark gets a visit from his next door neighbor, Mrs. Selvig, who lets him know that even though she’s a widow, her husband is totally fine with her finding a new husband. Wink wink. Okay, weird. The next day, Mark calls in sick, which means that Mark – poof and disappears for 8 hours. But Mark goes looking for Petey instead of working. And while there, Petey plays an audio tape from one of Mark’s sessions in the “break” room. “Forgive me for the harm I have caused this world. None may atone for my actions but me.” Apparently the interviewer forces the individual to repeat the phrase until it is believed to be true.

Severance Show Explanation Episode 2 Half Loop

In walks Christopher Walken. Literally the perfect show for Walken to suddenly, out of nowhere land deep within. Sorry, I had no idea he was in this show. None. And it is after Irving has been busted for “dozing” and having a nightmare of black oil oozing from everything. As a result, he is sent in to a weird sort of therapy where he is told soothing things about his ‘outtie.’ And they are all, overly generalized lies. Your ‘outtie’ won a game two weeks ago. “Please enjoy each fact equally and don’t show preference.” Soon after, Helly sees her first scary number – and successfully bins it. Whatever that might mean.

Mark then invites Petey to join him at his house, unaware that he is closely under surveillance by the company. While showering, Petey starts to go into some sort of a mental breakdown, sees his other self, and then passes out in the tub. Dies? Faints? Don’t know.

Thoughts on Severance Episode 2 Half Loop

I’m not certain, but it would appear, that work at Lumon, is bat-s@#$ crazy. We learn that when people are starting to go mental, they have a Wellness session wherein they are told uplifting lies about their outside lives. We learn that employees are allowed two tokens per eight-hour period where they can exchange them for raisins, ramen, and what not. We learn that the employees have literally no idea what they do for a living. The numbers are scary, and must be quarantined for some completely unknown reason.

Outside of Lumon, we didn’t learn too much. Save for the fact that Mark goes on a date with a woman that his sister has connected him with. But Mark pays very little attention to the woman, and instead concentrates on drinking himself senseless.

This episode was WAY more melancholic than the last one. That isn’t a bad thing at all, by any stretch. But it definitely looked more unflinchingly at the characters, and what they were hiding from both inside and outside.

Ideas on the Meaning of Severance

Petey and Mark get connected, like I thought they would in our episode 1 review. We learn that there is a map back at Lumon, which means, he will eventually find it. If Petey died at the end of episode 2, it means that Mark will have to hunt for the information on his own. It also means he’ll be required to figure out an end around on the severance himself. But I don’t think Petey is dead, as there is still more information to be handed off before. Better yet, I think Petey will be more dramatically capped than having a mental breakdown in the shower.

Guess on Where Severance is Going

There was a comment that Mark’s date mentioned – that he could be dating someone at the office and he wouldn’t even know it – which tells me that Mark and Helly will have a romantic connection of some sort. Which sort of leads me to believe that his leaving Lumon will be predicated on his ability to help Helly get out as well. Whatever Mark does will be done in connection with his new female friend. Will they survive the company? I don’t know yet. Doesn’t feel like this show is going to have a happy ending. Or it will, with a very negative twist and impact for the world at large. If you catch my drift. For example, Helly and Mark will escape, they’ll re-introduce themselves to one another in a wry nod to the duplicitous life they’ve lived. And then, afterwards, they will announce over the news networks that the mandatory severance legislation passed into law. Or something.

I liked episode 2 even more than episode 1, solely because it layered in a deeper understanding of the psychic pain and suffering that is happening to these individuals. It’s an interesting take, and I’m really curious what the philosophical/psychological underpinnings and meanings of the show will be at the end of the day. Working for a corporation is soul sucking? Corporations expect people to leave their personal lives on the shelf? Selling out is for mindless plebeians? I don’t know.

Regardless, I love the indie tone of this show. This is going to be a fantastic ride no matter where Severance goes. Can’t wait to see what happens next. But if you are enjoying this show – you need to watch Maniac as it is a really very similar vibe happening here.

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