THiNC. Movie Spotlight #62

I’m literally watching Pink Cloud right now as I prepare Spotlight #62 for you guys. I’ve been waiting for this stupid, I mean, FANTASTIC little movie for forever. So, I’m personally pretty excited. Also in this weeks list, a little movie called The Batman? This will be the movie of the year for me… I’m an enormous Batman fan. I’m also a Pattinson fan (Devil All The Time??). Might just sneak out during the day to watch this one.

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The Pink Cloud – March 1st – Streaming

I might just have accidentally posted the Pink Cloud on 12 different previous Spotlights. Maybe. I’m not sure. But I was excited. And when I get excited, I get a little crazy, and sometimes I misfire. A bit. Like, WOAH, what was that? Crazy. Anyway, this time… I PROMISE, The Pink Cloud is out and is available to stream online. I know, because I’ve verified it for you. Any of the links above will take you to this veritable cinematic delicacy. I promise. Can’t wait to watch it myself.

The Batman – March 2nd – Theaters

Literally can’t contain myself I’m so excited about this one. The reviews are coming in, and there are so many 100’s out there I can’t even see straight. “I only wear black, and really really dark grey”… wait, wrong movie. Same guy. No, different guy. For me? Just pour on the emo-bruce-wayne-darkness and I’m in. And yes, I hate Marvel movies. And yes, I know, this is duplicitous of me. Deal with it. I have numerous long-winded explanations for you on this site, somewhere.

Pieces of Her – March 4th – Netflix

A woman pieces together her mother’s dark past after a violent attack in their small town brings hidden threats and deadly secrets to light. Did I mention that it’s starring Toni Collette? It’s starring Toni Collette. Because, you know… Toni Collette’s in it. Really. I know, huh?

Nightride – March 4th – Netflix

I gotta say, if I see one more movie with the line… “one last job, and we are out.” I am going to blitzkrieg. Literal lightning warfare. Gah. Even so… this looks pretty good. “This real-time crime thriller follows a drug dealer trying to pull one last score. As his plans rapidly unravel, he must improvise in order to survive.”

Coming Soon – Watch List:

Fresh?? – March 4th
Gold – March 11
Outsiders – March 11
Ash & Dust – March 11
Ultrasound – March 11
The Adam Project – March 11 Theaters?
Spin Me Round – March 12th
Umma – March 18th
Black Crab – March 18th
Windfall – March 18th!!!!!
Expired – March 18th
Tethered – March 18th
Tollbooth – March 18th
Everything Everywhere All At Once – March 25th
You Won’t Be Alone – April 1 – Theaters
Bullet Train – April 8th
Killing Eve (season 3) – April 12th
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – April 22nd
Clark – June – Netflix
Nope – July 27th

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #62. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

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