THiNC. Movie Spotlight #73

The previous two weeks we took a break from featuring exciting new coming movies, and instead made it all about me. Me and my favorite, top 10 Indie movies. Missed them? No worries, I got you… THiNC.’s top 10 favorite Indie films… and my top five favorite! But this week, we are back to highlighting the best coming films in the Indie World that you’ll want to check out. Now, as always, I haven’t seen these, but they definitely look like interesting films to check out. And if you get a chance to see one, and you loved it? Tell us in the comments. Hated it? Even better, tell us twice in the comments!

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Virus:32 – Available Now

Indie check list go: International? Check. Pandemic nightmare? Check. Virus-zombies? Check. Scary as hell? Check. Made on a shoestring budget? Check.

I mean, did you hit play on that trailer? Is that not a thing of beauty? “Why are you not afraid to be here all alone?” “Afraid? Of what? No, just lock the door and play honey…” hahaha. Yes, please, may I have another? Did I mention that I have a donation widget just a paragraph or two up? I mean… this movie would have just passed you right by if I hadn’t thrown it at you.

Our Father – available now

A fertility doctor, um, manufactures sperm next door to the patient’s examination room. Then he, um, provides it to the woman that is having trouble conceiving. Voila. A child, and a half brother, and a half sister, and another half brother, and yet another half sister is created. A DNA test later? We get a controversial Netflix documentary. This is a crazy story. And apparently @shelbzilla of our Discord Patreon community is connected to this doctor somehow? What? Shelb, you have to tell this story…

The Staircase – Available Now

“An exploration of the life of Michael Peterson, his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson.” I don’t know?!? AMAZING actors. For sure. And easily accessible over on Netflix. Could this be even better than Virus:32? I don’t know – doubtful, but it still looks really good.

The Twin – Available Now

“After a tragic accident that killed their son, a young family are pulled into a desperate battle for the soul of their surviving twin son.” Hrm. Interesting. Maybe? Maybe not.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

Operation Mincemeat – May 11th
The Essex Serpeant – May 13th
The Ipcress File – May 19th
Men – May 20
The Stars at Noon – May
Crimes of the Future – June 3rd
Clark – June – Netflix
Spiderhead – June 17th Netflix
Nope – July 22nd
The Triangle of Sadness – ????
The Gray Man – July 22nd
Bullet Train – July 29th
Spin Me Round – ????
Zone of Interest – ????
Glimpse – 2022???

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