When I Consume You VOD Announcement Dates

When I Consume You VOD Announcement Dates. Perry Blackshear, MacLeod Andrews, and Evan Dumouchel are demigods. This is a fact. This trio of fine filmmakers are the brains and willpower behind They Look Like People. My argument is now down. Why are you looking at me quizzically? Oh, and The Siren. Extra-done now. MacLeod was also seminal in the fantastic little film, A Ghost Waits, that I loved. Done done done. Well, this glorious group of buddies that just “get together” and riff brilliance onto film stock, tabula rasa, have crafted a new film. A film I so badly wanted to see during the premier I basically hacked the film con in order to get in, and I am not sorry about in any way shape or form. Why? Because, When I Consume You is possibly almost as good as They Look Like People… Worst case? It’s a close second in their oeuvre. I mean? Hello?

Regardless, the trailer for When I Consume You is now released, so, YEAH, I’m going to show you that:

When I Consume You VOD Announcement Dates

What is special about the Blackshear/Andrews/Dumouchel trifecta: they make real horror movies. Horror movies about people and characters that you know, and you’ve met before. They Look Like People was a movie about a friend showing up on a doorstep paranoid, afraid, and worried that a hostile force has taken over the world. The scary part? Wasn’t the hostile force, but what he might do to fight the hostile force. And it’s about what real love, real friendship looks like. I’ve never seen a more dynamic, more powerful movie. And they shot the movie on a lark when Blackshear gave a shout to his two friends and they jumped on a plane to make something cool.

When I Consume You goes to exactly the same place. Now, the horror, and the dance they dance is different. But still just as real, and just as beautifully based in real characters, with real stakes that matter.

What is When I Consume You About?

When I spoke to Perry about his movie after the premier – I wanted to know about the dark locations and the underbelly quality of the movie, and I asked this question: “Can you talk about how you scouted the locations there in New York, they are amazing spots… most shot at night. Did you get any permits for filming at all? Seems like you guerilla-filmed the entire thing? Which, I have to say, gave it an edge, and a visceral shimmer that wouldn’t come in any other way.” and Blackshear responded with:

“Wow, yeah, that’s an interesting way to describe it! The locations were all near where I’ve lived in Greenpoint for the last decade. I knew some places but one weekend I got on a city bike and just biked around for hours into all the corners of the area, trying to find places that looked industrial and forgotten. It’s funny, most of the locations by the water are all built up now, the two fight scenes that take place in alleyways have become totally transformed. For those scenes and anything that involved violence we had a permit and permission and police presence, but other than that it was just the actors and I wandering around Brooklyn. Yes, wanted it to have an almost documentary feel sometimes. We used very little lighting that wasn’t there, I had a floating little led light I bought off amazon I used sometimes but mostly it was just found light. The A7 Camera we used is incredible at low light and allowed all the amazing color mixing that naturally occurs at night in New York.“

And when Perry was talking about his movie with Variety, he explained it to them this way: “As I was writing it, there was this feeling that there’s stuff a lot scarier than death. Damnation, a bad death or a hollow death. After making ‘They Look Like People,’ which was very deep into psychology, we wanted to try something that was more supernatural. Also, I once learned you feel pain in the same receptors that physical pain spikes when you’re very lonely. It’s very much felt in the body. And I think we wanted to bring that sort of tactile nature to this enemy rather than just an ethereal spirit.”

When is When I Consume You Releasing?

Great question, seeing as though the premier seemed to hit 27 years ago (or a almost a year ago 8/20. One or the other.)… and I’ve been desperately waiting for you guys to be able to watch this movie and talk with me about it. But the good news is, it’ll be available to watch next month, August 16th, on various VOD channels. And you can trust that I’ll be here dying to talk to you about it as soon as it drops.

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