THiNC. Movie Spotlight 101

Spotlight 101… we are in the hundreds now officially. I’ve assembled HUNDREDS of spotlights for you guys. Officially. No take backs.

When You Finish Saving the World – 1.20.23

Jesse Eisenberg wrote the screenplay… and directed this one? Yes. Yes, please, More. More. DEFINITELY YES. Eisenberg is a mini-demi-god (wait, does that mean, mini-mini-god? huh. yeah, that works.) with all things film related. Zombie World? YES. Social Network? YES. Café Society? Yup. The End of the Tour. YES! And now he’s taking a turn at writer/director? Oh, man. I cannot wait. This looks amazing.

Alice Darling – 1.19.23

Alice Darling seems to be a really tautly wrought thriller featuring Anna Kendrick. (It doesn’t seem to feature Anna Kendrick, it features Anna Kendrick… but it SEEMS to be taut. Oh, never mind.) A woman in a psychologically abusive relationship goes with her friends out to a get-away. While away, she realizes that she has something somewhat of who she was. But, said boyfriend? Isn’t a fan of said independence wherein mayhem happens. Looks really fantastic.

The Price We Pay – 1.23.23

Maybe any other week I’d pass on this one? Dunno? Seems like a little more over the line than normal? A grisly robbery gone wrong flick? Would love someone to watch this one for me, and give me a read on it. K? Thanks!

Plane – 1.13.23

Last week, I have to admit… I was wrong. This was the first time that this has ever happened to me before. It’s a unique feeling. Huh. So, this is what being wrong feels like. hehehe. (Joke… I’m wrong all the time, ask the discord group…) But I shoveled Plane into the “Below the Line Films” pile. But apparently, the audience score on this thing is super high?? What is going on here? Anyway, check it out.

Missing – 1.20.23

Searching was a blast. I had a ton of fun with that movie. Basically the concept is that the entire film is set and staged within a computer? Single set type of deal. Something of a closed box adventure. Well, Missing is cut from the same brilliant cloth. Check it out. I’m sure this will be a fun ride.

Below the line films:

Saint Omer? A firm maybe? I don’t know. Maybe I should have left Plane down here. And the Price We Pay??? I don’t know, man! I DON’T KNOW! (Aliens quote? I think?)

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