Oscar Nominated Watch Details

Oscar Nominated Watch Details. First, and this is the most important thing – I’m hosting an Oscar competition. PRIZES! Everyone is invited to play. Did I mention I’m giving out PRIZES?!? Please fill out this form of 23 different Oscar categories right here. Originally I said that the cut off would be 24 hours before the Oscars air, but I’ll slide out the cut off until the air time begins. I know, you are welcome. Wait, where do you fill out the form? RIGHT HERE! Great. Fill it out right now.

And the second thing. I know that a lot of you are constantly kvetching about movies that are worth watching. And while the Oscars are no bastion of brilliance… they are generally better over all than the unwashed standard box office, that is for sure. They skew towards the dramatic, and generally self congratulate to the max. But even so, there are a number of winners in this years list that are worth checking out.

So, to that end, I thought I’d help you find the main, big films, that will be hauling away most of the prizes in this years’ competition. And even below the standard Oscar nominations, I’ve also listed out some of the big International films too. Because there are a number of worthwhile films there as well. Right, so, let’s start, here are the bigs, and where you can watch them:

  • All Quiet on the Western Front – watch it right here on Netflix – Personally? I think this film is the greatest war movie of all time. It is really well done, and just communicates loudly on every level. Which, is tricky to do with a movie about a muddled mess of a war like World War I.
  • Women Talking – watch it here on Amazon Prime (until March 12 only!) – The subject matter here is horrific. Just enough to send one stark raving mad. But so good. Women talk about their new situation.
  • ElvisHBO Maxwatch on HBO Max. This is technicolor brilliance. Watch on the biggest screen you can steal from a family member or friend. This movie is larger than life. Baz crushed this one.
  • The Banshees of InisherinHBO Max – best movie of the year. Funny. Sad. Absurd. Insightful. Wise. Brilliant. So much goodness in one little movie. So great.
  • Triangle of Sadness Hulu – no thanks. When it got to the big storm part? And people started throwing – up explosively, and horribly. Not like fake cut away throw up. Like, REAL, puking. No no no. I hit eject on that VHS tape, and slowly stepped away from the movie.
  • The FabelmansAll the VOD streaming services including Vudu, Prime Video, etc. – I’m sure everyone will love this one. But I’m just not a huge Spielberg fan. His movies were triumphs in the 80’s for a reason. Cough.
  • TárPeacock Premium – yup… adored this one. So out there.
  • Top Gun: MaverickParamount+, MGM+, DirecTV Stream – I was not a fan. But I did wax eloquent about it, about our mortality… and how we love waxing nostalgic any chance we can get.
  • Everything Everywhere All at OnceShowtime, Fubo, DirecTV Stream – everyone loved this one – at least the first time. You’ll enjoy it too. Promise.

Alright – but what about the really GREAT movies? The International nominations? Twist my arm already! Okay. Welp, we’ve already covered the movie that will win in this category… All Quiet in the Western Front. Hands down, no question… definitely going to win for Germany. So, take that one to the bank.

But have you heard about Argentina, 1985? If you have Prime, you can watch it right now included with your membership. You are welcome. But what is it about? Well, it’s about a team of lawyers that go after the leaders of Argentina’s horrific bloody coup. Can’t recommend it enough. If that wets your whistle check out Rojo when that is finished. Trust me on this one. Next is the movie Close – the Belgian film from Lukas Dhont about an intense friendship between two thirteen-year-old kids. A tense and intimate film. (You can find it on Google Play.) And finally we have EO, and the Quiet Girl to round out our list. (The Quiet Girl hasn’t been formally distributed anywhere yet… trust me I searched everywhere because I’m dying to see it.)

Competition or no – I figured you might want a chance to see a few of these for yourself. If you haven’t seen a single one? Start with Banshees. For certain. Hands down. No question about it.

Edited by: CY