Adam Driver’s 65 Movie Walkthrough

Adam Driver’s 65 Movie Walkthrough
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Adam Driver’s 65 Movie Walkthrough. I gotta admit, I got off my lazy butt, motored to the nearest cinemaplex, all for one reason. I thought, I was certain even, that this movie was a time travel movie of some sort. Um… yeah, let me be clear… it is not, in fact, a time travel movie. And yet, the thing it actually is? Was interesting? Something? Still considering.

65 Movie Recommendation Walkthrough

So, apparently, in a sort of clunky reveal, we realize that the 65 in the movie title, is in reference to the number of millions of years ago this movie took place. On Smoaris, Mills (Adam Driver) has signed on for a two-year bus driving mission to pilot some people across the galaxy. Problem? His wife is fatally sick, but the money from the 2-year stint will help her get a procedure to heal her. Alright? Along the way, the intergalactic bus collides with an important (to be explained why later) chain of asteroids. The bus driver ends up crashing into earth somewhere in among the Cretaceous period. After considering suicide momentarily, he discovers there is a survivor… Koa. Deciding his new life goal is to protect Koa, and figure out a way for the two of them to hustle it over to the escape pod that is a ten-mile hike away.

First, you need to understand that Koa is a proxy for his Mills’ sick daughter. Second, you will also be learning earlier than probably necessary, that Mills’ daughter is actually dead. And thirdly, that Mills actually lied to Koa about her parents still being alive in order to get her marching towards the escape pod.

The problem? To cross those ten miles, they are going to have to survive a Jurassic Park-esque experience. T-Rex’s and Velociraptors galore. Or something. I don’t need 27 phone calls from angry paleontologists informing me how wrong I was about the classification and types of dinosaurs in the movie. Regardless, even worse than the dinosaurs? Those asteroids that crashed their ship? They are also the asteroids that wiped out the dinosaurs, oh, 65 million years ago, or so. Right. See? Full circle. (A little too clever if you ask me.)

As the Jurassic Park ride goes from an E ticket, all the way to an A ticket ride (anyone here remember the Disneyland ticket books? We used to have piles and piles of the E tickets always laying around the house because you could only use those tickets for the carousel… but Space Mountain? Needed an A ticket, you get the idea.) the duo begin to break the ice, and start to get along with one another more and more. Apparently, getting attacked by a Theropod will have a way of doing that for your relationship with a stand-in dad.

Upon arriving at the other section of the ship, Koa realizes what Mills has done… and that her parents are dead. They then work their troubles out in couples therapy hosted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex or two. Killing their nemesis with a nicely timed geyser blast, the two hustle back to the ship and launch off the planet just before the Earth is decimated by the planet killing asteroid that wiped out all the dinosaurs.

Thoughts on the movie 65?

Well, forgetting for one second that I thought I was heading into a time travel movie of some sort – and oh, how I love a good time travel movie – this movie had quite a bit of heart to it. It attempted to turn a proxy father-daughter relationship into a survival story, or vice-versa, I’m still not sure. I wanted to love this character driven story. I did. But I doubt that I’d recommend this film if it were on for free on television… even sans ads. It was heart warming. And the CG was decent. There were four people total in the cast, and that is half way to a closed box film genre you all know I love so much. I did assume I’d give it a weak thumbs up, right up until I re-walked through the entire movie for you all.

So, why am I panning it? Well, the implausibility of the story for one. Mills has to take a job driving some people across the universe and he accidentally drives the strip straight into an “unmapped” asteroid belt? Then, the ship tears in two, leaving the escape pod 10 miles away… which, is still functioning. WORSE, when they get in the escape pod, and it’s facing the wrong direction, a T-Rex is kind enough to flip it over for them? Oh, and the death by geyser bit?

I will say this, the dramatic, character driven heart of this film, was intriguingly hopeful. Driver doesn’t seem capable of that role. And that wasn’t because I saw him as Darth Vader Jr. He just didn’t seem to have it in him. Koa though? She was like an adult thespian in a child’s body. She definitely had it in her. She was compelling.

Dunno… see it for yourself, once it finally makes its way to ABC and you can watch it with bunny ears… for free. Then let me know if I was off base. But I was definitely not a fan. My son’s recap on the other hand, was “Definitely a lot better than Cocaine Bear.” So, its got that going for it.

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