The live ABC Television Network broadcast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards® from the Hollywood and Highland Center, in Hollywood, CA, Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Oscar Winner Announcement…

Hey there all!

First, thank you to all the people that jumped in and played my game of OSCAR who’s on first. Stoked about how many participated, and took a stab in the dark at this. It’s really impossible to guess which direction the Oscars are going to go every year, and this year was no exception.

Gotta say – pretty stoked that a THiNC. movie like Everything Everywhere All at Once took home all the marbles. And that the Academy was so supportive of such a … what? Indie/Action film? Also, Brendan? Haha, wow. That was full tilt.

Regardless – the winner goes to, John Huerta!

Mr. Huerta, if you’d like to send a note to include here for all your ululating and adoring fans? I’d be happy to post it. Just reach out! Thanks again to everyone for jumping in and posting your long-shot guesses. Personally? I didn’t see Everything cleaning house like it did. Oh, and I owe Shelby an apology… she asked to change her vote for best movie to Everything, and I gave her the worst, worst time about it. Like… I was horrible. And she was gracious about it, and was right to boot! haha!

Anyway, Congratulations John. Don’t spend that Starbucks gift card all at once! hahah.

Thanks for playing folks.


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