Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre Recommendation

Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre Recommendation Walkthrough. This new action, comedy, spy, thriller… thing, is just the sort of movie I’d needed in order to reinvigorate my confidence in the lackluster world o’ cinema. Personally, I’m a huge fan of films in the genre of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – and really anything done by Guy Ritchie in that it always has that machine gun dialog, and it’s always a necessity to turn on closed captioning to understand any of it! hahaha.

Well, Ruse de Guerre brings Ritchie back to the cinema in that he wrote this script alongside Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies… this is the trio that brought us The Gentlemen, and Wrath of Man. It also happens to be the fifth team up between Jason Statham and Ritchie… and I could literally watch this duo read the dictionary, and I’d be game. But this time, Aubrey Plaza joins the show – and I’ve been a huge fan of Plaza of late: Emily the Criminal, Black Bear, etc., etc. Sure, Hugh Grant, Westley from Princess Bride, all the normal high profile Brits you come to expect to play the straight man to the standard atypical American craziness. It’s good for a laugh anyway.

Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre Recommendation

I gotta say – that the world of spy-thriller-action movies are so filled with McGuffins that they should get trophies. But Operation Fortune destroys all comers when it comes to McGuffin World. At the outset of the movie, it’s a unknown device called “The Handle” worth billions. Then, and we don’t know how, it’s an alligator briefcase they gotta track. Then it’s a hard drive – that may, or may not, contain all the data from The Handle? But when the drive gets stolen, and they are able to read from the unreadable device(?) that billionaire arms dealer, Simmonds is hosting a gala in Cannes. The best way into this event? Enlisting Simmonds’ favorite movie star via blackmail, of course (?). “You can’t catch this fish with a conventional lure.” After which, we then learn that the McGuffin, I mean “The Handle” is an AI Solution that can defeat any security system in the world.

After – stuff happens – we learn that the transfer of The Handle is going to happen in Antalya. (New exotic location? check.) More stuff happens, and Orson, impersonating Simmond’s lawyer, goes to the exchange and oversees it… but soon after, a rival British Secret Service group interferes and kills almost everyone and takes The Handle. The rival secret service group, lead by Mike, who previously worked with Orson, now has gone rogue and is only in it for the cash. With Mike stealing the handle, Orson and Simmonds decide they need to partner together against him. The buyers turn out to be two multi-billionaires they met back at the gala. What are their intentions with stealing The Handle? Well, world wide financial collapse!

Wait. Hold on. I’m gonna stop you right there. These two billionaires, worth 22 billion and 17 billion respectively are hellbent on worldwide financial collapse? Why? Well, because they’ve been buying gold you see. Wait, what? Yes, billions in gold. They want to be rich. Wait. They are rich. They want to be richer. No… richest. I guess? No. Another McGuffin.

Regardless, Orson confronts the duo, and manages to retrieve The McGuffin… I mean, The Handle. How? Well, lots of well strung explosions, sniper rifles, and men in ski masks falling down left and right while spraying their guns wildly and indiscriminately. As the movie ends, in Doha, the team is given the chance at another job… but instead, they decide they’re going on vacation instead. Back to where Orson started the film. Better yet, Orson let’s them all know that he’s plowed the money back into Danny’s next movie. (Is that a less than veiled reference to the fact that the profits from this film of Guy Ritchie’s and Statham’s will get reinvested back into their next film??)

Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre Recommendation

‘Thoughts on Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre ‘Thoughts on Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre

Now, my post, “Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre Recommendation” was my attempt to just bring this movie to your attention. There really aren’t many THOUGHTS here at all. But it was a fun, light-hearted script. If you love movies cut from the mold of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, or Snatch, or the like… then this will be worth your while. Actually, that might be a decent exercise, to craft a list of mindless, British, fast-talking, action films? How do say that succinctly? TOP TEN DIRTY-BRIT-ACTION FLICKS?!? Hahah. I have no idea.

  1. REVOLVER – Statham takes on a gambling mob boss in order to get revenge.
  2. SNATCH – Statham and Pitt attempt to fix a boxing match? Maybe? Something like that.
  3. WRATH OF MAN – Statham – a cash truck driver with a motive and vendetta.
  4. THE GENTLEMEN – McConaughey & Colin Farrel – a London drug king tries to cash out.
  5. L4YER CAKE – Tom Hardy – a drug dealer tries to leave the trade, double crosses ensue.
  6. LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN – mistaken identities and NY city gangs collide.
  7. KISS KISS BANG BANG – Downey Jr. stumbles into a murderous movie role?
  8. THE BANK JOB – Statham, leaps from car dealer into crime dealer.
  9. ROCKNROLLA – Crooks buy real estate and find themselves in debt to big gangsters.
  10. IN BRUGES – not of this list… but beyond this list. Up there with Banshees of Inisherin.

Look, I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but that is just amazing throw away content right there. This should be a post all of its own. In fact. I might just. But if you loved this movie, these 10 wholly other films will be right inside your wheelhouse. And heck, I’ve got ten more on the top of mind while I’m just sitting here thinking. (Like for example, if you liked The Bank Job, the Italian Job, Den of Thieves, Town, King of Thieves, Logan Lucky, 211 and Crank would be a fit. But if you liked In Bruges, then Seven Psychopaths, Burn After Reading, The Guard, Trainspotting might be more your style. And if… alright alright! you get the idea. There! Two more throw away blog posts I gave you, for free. Just like that. You are welcome.)

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