Fast-Talking Brit Double Crossy Movie Recommendations??!?

Fast-Talking Brit Double Crossy Movie Recommendations??!? So, over on my post for Operation Fortune I just starting chucking movies at the wall that were similar to Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre, and I actually slung, accidentally, 25? or so films at you all. Funny thing is? You guys probably just read the title and put it in your movie list, and didn’t even make it to the end. So I figured I’d create the single craziest blog post title, and it would force you to open it to figure out what the heck I was talking about in order to get to the list. Alright? So yeah, that was my goal.

  1. REVOLVER – Jake Green is a hotshot gambler, long on audacity and short on common sense. Jake served seven years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit after taking the rap for mean crime boss Dorothy Macha. Upon his release he takes on Macha in a private casino game, causes humiliation, and wins. While Macha puts out an order on Jake’s life, Jake meets brothers Avi and Zach who protect him and plot to take Macha down.
  2. SNATCH – Illegal boxing promoter Turkish (Jason Statham) convinces gangster Brick Top (Alan Ford) to offer bets on bare-knuckle boxer Mickey (Brad Pitt) at his bookie business. When Mickey does not throw his first fight as agreed, an infuriated Brick Top demands another match. Meanwhile, gangster Frankie Four Fingers (Benicio del Toro) comes to place a bet for a friend with Brick Top’s bookies, as multiple criminals converge on a stolen diamond that Frankie has come to London to sell.
  3. WRATH OF MAN – Mysterious and wild-eyed, a new security guard for a cash truck surprises his co-workers when he unleashes precision skills during a heist. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman’s ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.
  4. THE GENTLEMEN – Mickey Pearson is an American expatriate who became rich by building a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business, it soon triggers an array of plots and schemes — including bribery and blackmail — from shady characters who want to steal his domain.
  5. L4YER CAKE – An unnamed mid-level cocaine dealer (Daniel Craig) in London makes plans to step away from the criminal life. Before he can cut ties, the dealer’s supplier Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) draws him into a complicated pair of jobs involving kidnapping the teenage daughter of a rival gangster (Michael Gambon) and brokering the purchase of a large shipment of ecstasy pills from a dealer known as “the Duke” (Jamie Foreman), leading to a series of elaborate double-crosses from all corners.
  6. LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN – A case of mistaken identity puts a man named Slevin (Josh Hartnett) in the middle of a war between two rival New York crime lords: The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and the Boss (Morgan Freeman). While under the watchful eyes of Detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) and well-known assassin Goodkat (Bruce Willis), Slevin must quickly devise a plan to save his skin before his luck runs out.
  7. KISS KISS BANG BANG – Two-bit crook Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.) stumbles into an audition for a mystery film while on the run from the cops. Winning the part, he lands in Hollywood, where he’s flung into a tangled, murderous conspiracy with his childhood sweetheart, Harmony Lane (Michelle Monaghan), and hard-boiled private eye Perry van Shrike (Val Kilmer). This deadpan, affectionate parody of film noir tropes is named for film critic Pauline Kael’s influential 1968 collection of film reviews and essays.
  8. THE BANK JOB – Self-reformed petty criminal Terry Leather (Jason Statham) has become a financially struggling car dealer and settled into a pedestrian London life with his wife and kids, but takes the plunge into big crime when his ex-girlfriend, Martine (Saffron Burrows), turns up with an offer to pull off a lucrative bank heist. After Terry assembles his crew of misfits and begins the operation, he finds that there are other agendas at play, and powerful players who have designs on the vault’s contents.
  9. ROCKNROLLA – Small-time crooks One Two and Mumbles decide to legitimately invest in some prime real estate and find themselves out of their depth and in debt to old-school London gangster Lenny Cole. Cole himself is in the middle of a business deal with a Russian gangster, but when his accountant tips off One Two and Mumbles to the details of an upcoming big-money business transaction, the two scallywags swoop in and steal the cash.
  10. IN BRUGES – After a particularly difficult job, hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) head to Belgium to hide out until things cool down. Ray hates the medieval city they land in, but Ken finds its beauty and peacefulness enchanting. Their experiences become increasingly surreal and possibly life-changing as they encounter tourists, locals, an American dwarf and a potential romance for Ray.

And I admitted, willingly, that this is just a small portion of the movies in this space. If you want to go further, consider The Italian Job, Den of Thieves, Town, King of Thieves, Logan Lucky, 211, Crank. Hell, don’t stop there – you might also like Seven Psychopaths, Burn After Reading, The Guard, Trainspotting might be more your style.

But I’m sure there are tons more… if you can think of another or two in this space, throw it in the comments so that others can take advantage too. (I mean, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction sort of fit here minus the fact that they aren’t British.)

So there you go… I figured I’d just formally chuck them at you as opposed to let them slip off into the drain and missed by 90% of THiNC. readers. Kisses guys!

Edited by: CY